20 Wording Ideas for Baby Shower Invitations | spoiled (2023)

When organizing a baby shower, creating the invitations is an important step. They help set the tone for your event - pretty or stylish, fun or preppy, classic or modern - and make sure your guests get all the information they need. We've got tips on sending baby shower invitations, what details to include, and 20-word ideas.

How to send out your baby shower invitations

If you haven't decided yet whether you want to send your invitations the traditional way, printed and mailed or hand-delivered, or the modern way, electronically, read on to find out what your options are.

Paper baby shower invitations

Paper baby shower invitations can add a special touch to a baby shower. Here are a few different options when it comes to printed baby shower invitations:

  • Pre-printed invitation cards are an easy solution, and there are usually a variety of templates and designs to choose from at your local greeting card or party card store. These cards are often fairly generic, which works if you don't have a very specific theme, although you might get lucky and find a pre-printed card that also fits the specific theme you're using.

  • Handmade invitations add a personal touch and let your creativity run free.Buy construction paper along with markers, crayons, or even acrylic or watercolor paints and create your own design. You could even host a small gathering of friends to help you plan the baby shower where each of you will help create the cards. If you have a friend with calligraphic skills, now is the time to use it. If you already have craft supplies like glitter around the house, this might come in handy at this point. Handmade invitations reminiscent of children's artwork (perhaps with a pinky painting) can be a cute approach too!

  • Personalized Baby Shower Invitations allow you to customize the invitation exactly to your specifications.If the baby shower you are hosting has a special theme, the invitation can be designed to reflect that. You can design it yourself, enlist the help of an artist friend, or work with a graphic designer to achieve the desired result. There are even online tools that you can use to create a professional-looking invitation that you can customize to suit your needs. When you're done, take the file to a professional printer, who will give it a good finish. If the baby shower has a jungle, princess, or stroller theme, you're in luck! Are herethree free baby shower invitation templatesyou can choose.

    (Video) Baby Shower Invitation Quotes

Then, for that extra touch, buy unique envelopes and stamps or have them delivered in person. Remember to send out invitations about six weeks in advance and give out-of-town guests more time to make travel plans. Follow up the invitation with a phone call to ensure all of your invitees have received the invitation. Make a list as replies come in so you can keep track of who's getting in.

electronic baby shower invitations

Some hosts choose electronic invitations because they're fast and also make it easy to track RSVPs. They're a good approach to an informal baby shower among the mom-to-be's closest friends. Here are a few different ways to send electronic baby shower invitations:

  • Use a greeting card or electronic invitation serviceto send your invitations to your guest mailing list. These websites often allow you to create the invitation from scratch or choose from a selection of professionally designed designs, and you can also add text of your choice. Many of these invitation sites make it easy to track responses because the invitee simply clicks a link to respond, and the site automatically creates an attendee list for you.

  • Go with email.It's a handy alternative to mail if your guests live in out-of-state or abroad, or if you want to make sure your guests get their invitation as soon as possible. You can create an invitation to attach an image to the email, or just write the details in the email itself.

  • Create a social media eventto invite a group of guests, track RSVPs, and add event updates, all in one place. A social media event is also great because guests can easily ask questions and coordinate things more easily with other attendees. For example, guests may want to buy a larger gift together or discuss what other guests are bringing if it is a party so there is no overlap. If you want your guests to dress up to match the baby shower theme or bring something specific to one of the baby shower games, then a social media event is a great place where they can ask questions and see everyone else's answers. Remember that not everyone is on social media and you should make the event private to avoid any misunderstandings. read aboutBaby Shower Labelfor more information on who to invite.

General tips for writing a baby shower invitation

You can also add the following details:

Baby shower invitation template

Your text doesn't have to be complex. You can use this baby shower invitation template as the basis for your invitation: A baby [boy][girl] is on the way; Help us prepare for this special day! kind of snack, for example a light lunch]. casual wear. [Add something special you want guests to do. For example: Add a touch of baby pink or baby blue to your outfit.] For baby shower gift list details, see [Insert Gift List]. To make the day even more special and fun, bring [add anything guests need to bring; for example a childhood photo of them] as we will need it for one of theBaby Shower Gameswe will play RSVP before [date] on [host contact details]. Please let me know when you reply if you have any special dietary requirements.

20 wording examples for baby shower invitations

While much of what goes into the baby shower invitation just conveys the details of the event, there are some fun phrases you can add to ensure your invitation gets noticed. Below are 20 sample ideas of what to add to the top of your baby shower invitation.

Examples of baby shower invitation words

Wording examples for baby shower invitations

Word examples for gender-neutral shower invitations

Wording examples for gender reveal shower invitations


Sending out baby shower invitations is an important part of organizing a baby shower. This helps set the tone and ensure that all of the mom-to-be's loved ones have all the information they need. Being a host can be very exciting.Planning a baby showerand creating the invitation is just part of the fun. For more baby shower planning guides, check out this helpful guideBaby shower checklist.


What name goes on baby shower invitations? ›

The invitation should clearly state the name of the guest of honor—the mom-to-be, or both parents, depending on if one or both will be in attendance. The host (whoever is planning the shower and will be collecting RSVPs) should also be listed, along with the best contact information for them to get reservations.

How should baby shower invites be addressed? ›

When addressing your guests, use titles since a baby shower is a formal occasion. Rather than writing, “John Doe”, write “Mr. John Doe”, or rather than writing, “Jane Doe”, write “Mrs. Jane Doe”.

What to write when sending invitations? ›

3. What details to include in your event invitation
  1. Name of the person invited.
  2. Title and description of the event.
  3. Name of hosts and organisers.
  4. Time and date it will take place.
  5. Location and how to get there.
  6. Dress code.
  7. RSVP deadline.
11 Feb 2020

How far in advance should shower invitations be sent out? ›

When should you send out shower invitations? For both bridal and baby showers, Katrina Hutchins, owner of Katrina Hutchins Events, recommends sending out invitations six to eight weeks in advance.

What do you say at the end of invitations? ›

I'd love to come.” “Thank you for inviting me to dinner. I'm looking forward to it very much.” “I'm able / free to come to / attend / make the meeting at…”

Should shower invitations have end time? ›

Establish a set end time. This will help keep you and guests on track so you have plenty of time to hand out those baby shower party favors and say your goodbyes. Include the start time and end time on the baby shower invitations. That way your guests know ahead of time and can plan on 2-3 hours of fun.

What name goes first on an invitation? ›

The Names of Couple

No one would forget to add this to a wedding invitation, of course, but you might be wondering whose name should go first on a wedding invitation? Traditionally the name of the bride always precedes the groom's name.

What are 3 types of invitations? ›

The following types of invitation letters can be written: Invitation Letter to Attend an Exhibition. Sales Invitation Letter. Invitation Letter to Attend a Fundraising Event.

Who hosts baby shower? ›

Typically, a close friend or family member will throw your shower, but coworkers or another loved one can all host the party. While every baby shower is unique, the host usually takes care of organizing everything — so you can sit back and enjoy being celebrated.

What do you write on the front of a baby shower envelope? ›

If you are unsure or just want to play it safe, you can always address the card “for baby” and include his or her name if you already know it. Once you've got the details down print the recipient's full name on the first line of the envelope.

Should baby shower card be addressed to both parents? ›

If it's a couple's shower, you should address both of the parents in the card. However, if the baby shower is just being thrown for the mother, address the card to the new mum-to-be only.

Do baby shower card get addressed to both parents? ›

Should you address your baby shower card to both parents? Take your cues from the baby shower invitation. If it's a couples' shower, include both parents-to-be in your well wishes. For ladies-only showers, you can address simply to the expecting mom.

Which is the most suitable word for shower? ›

synonyms for shower
  • deluge.
  • downpour.
  • drizzle.
  • flood.
  • hail.
  • rain.
  • rainstorm.
  • sleet.

What is baby shower invitation etiquette? ›

Baby shower invitations should be sent out four to six weeks before the baby shower occurs, according to standard baby shower etiquette. You'll want to send baby shower invites out early to account for loved ones or friends who may be traveling from out of town to attend the baby shower.

Do you put the baby's name on the shower invite? ›

Do you put baby name on baby shower invitation? A baby shower is technically a party to honor the mother, so her name goes on the baby shower invitation by default. However, many modern baby showers are co-ed and also include the father.

How do you write a short invitation? ›

The purpose of invitation should be clear. The name of the honoree must be mentioned. The event date and time must be written in letters, do not use abbreviations. Venue Name and Venue's Full Address are important.

How can I make my invitation more attractive? ›

Here are some tips to help you customize your birthday invitation card design.
  1. Use a bright color scheme in your birthday invitation card design. ...
  2. Combine different font styles that complement each other. ...
  3. Give your invitation an eye-catching header. ...
  4. Use a color filter to make text pop from your card's background image.
13 Sept 2018

What is written on an invitation? ›

As a basic guide, party invitations should include: Your name. Type of party: Let your guests know what special occasion or milestone your party is in aid of, whether that be your 30th birthday or your engagement. Date and time of the party.

How long should a baby shower be? ›

A baby shower usually lasts 2-3 hours. Budget about 30-45 minutes at the beginning for guests to arrive, nibble on some food, and mingle with one another before the games / entertainment begin. Spend the next 30-45 minutes playing games. And the rest of the time having cake and opening gifts.

How much notice should you give for a baby shower? ›

Send invitations early enough to give the guests at least three weeks' notice: That way everyone has enough time to put the shower on their calendar and shop for the perfect gift. You can send invitations by mail or email, or by scheduling an event on social media.

Do you send baby shower invitations to out of town guests? ›

Not at all. While some of your out-of-state invitees may not be able to make it to the shower, it's likely they'll still appreciate just being invited and knowing you thought of them. You could also consider setting up Zoom or FaceTime at your shower so they can join in the fun from afar!

How do I word a last minute invitation? ›

When sending last-minute invites, include something like, “We know this is short-notice. However, we'd really like to celebrate with you! We are including a live stream option so you can tune in and watch online.”

How does the invitation start? ›

The film opens a century ago in an old mansion. A woman named Emmaline Alexander (Virag Barany) has confined herself to her room, while the butler tells her she needs to feed. Emmaline runs from her room and ties a rope around her neck and uses a statue as a weight.

How far in advance should guests RSVP for a baby shower? ›

Setting the RSVP Date

Two weeks before the baby shower is seen as a reasonable window of time. As we touched on, it gives the host time to prepare everything, inform the venues (such as restaurants or hotels), and follow up on those invitees who haven't responded yet.

What is a come and go party called? ›

An open house party is an informal party held for a set number of hours with people coming and going as they please.

Should the groom's parents name be on the invitation? ›

It's most traditional to include the names of the groom's parents after the groom's name.

Does the man or woman's name go first? ›

Addressing a Couple

NOTE: Traditionally, a woman's name preceded a man's on an envelope address, and his first and surname were not separated (Jane and John Kelly). Nowadays, the order of the names—whether his name or hers comes first—does not matter and either way is acceptable.

Do you put names on invites? ›

Based on standard wedding invitation wording, guests' names are not written on the actual invitations. You are only expected to address your loved ones by name on outer and inner envelopes. That way, you don't need to print specific invites for every household that you're sending them to.

What is invitation in simple words? ›

An invitation is a request, a solicitation, or an attempt to get another person to join you at a specific event.

What is an example of invitation? ›

Invitation Sentence Examples

My party invitation must have been lost in the mail. I got an invitation to the wedding too, you know.

What is invite in simple past? ›

The past tense of INVITE is INVITED.

Who should not throw a baby shower? ›

It is considered inappropriate for you or your spouse to throw the baby shower. It is considered rude to ask someone to throw you a baby shower. Typically a close friend or one of the grandmas-to-be will throw a baby shower. It is acceptable to have a sister or other family member throw the baby shower.

Do you serve alcohol at a baby shower? ›

It's not uncommon for light alcoholic beverages to be served at a baby shower. After all, often guests at a baby shower may be meeting one another for the first time, and a little alcohol can help people open up. But a baby shower drink is not a reason to over-indulge.

How do you politely ask for a baby shower gift? ›

Baby Shower Invitation Wording – Asking for Money

Cash and gift cards are welcome, but not required!” “We're excited to celebrate our new baby with you, and your presence is the only gift we need! If you're thinking of giving us something, a contribution to our baby supply fund would be much appreciated.”

What do you write on front of envelope for baby shower? ›

How to Address a Baby Shower Card
  • Address the outer envelope with names only if you're attending the shower, or with the full name of each parent and address if you're mailing the card. ...
  • Write "Dear (Mom's First Name)" inside the card if you're close to the expectant mother.

What should I write on a baby shower card caption? ›

Baby Shower Quotes
  • “Every child begins the world again.” - ...
  • “Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.” - ...
  • “Having a baby is like falling in love again, both with your husband and your child.” - ...
  • “A new baby is like the beginning of all things wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.” -

Who generally pays for baby shower? ›

The hostess traditionally pays for the baby shower and its associated costs. However, the hostess can divide up the responsibility and costs by asking a few close family members or friends to co-host. This helps to reduce the overall expense and alleviates some of the financial obligation of hosting a baby shower.

How far in advance should baby shower invites be sent? ›

When to Send Out Baby Shower Invites. Invitations are sent out three to six weeks before the shower. This gives guests enough time to respond, and get/send a gift if they are going to.

WHO plans someone's baby shower? ›

Typically, a close friend or family member will throw your shower, but coworkers or another loved one can all host the party. While every baby shower is unique, the host usually takes care of organizing everything — so you can sit back and enjoy being celebrated.

Do you write baby shower cards to both parents? ›

Although many baby showers are focused on celebrating the mum-to-be, you may want to address both parents in your baby shower card, especially if the invitation mentions that both parents will be there or if your gift is intended for both parents.

Do you put baby name on baby shower invitation? ›

Do you put baby name on baby shower invitation? A baby shower is technically a party to honor the mother, so her name goes on the baby shower invitation by default. However, many modern baby showers are co-ed and also include the father.

What do people write on the front side of an envelope? ›

The recipient's address is the address that you want your letter to be sent to. You write the recipient's address horizontally and vertically centered, or right in the middle of the front side of the envelope. To write the recipient's address properly, you need the following information: The recipient's full name.

What do you say at beginning of baby shower? ›

Welcome everyone! I'm so excited to be here today to celebrate the impending arrival of baby [name]. I can't think of two people who deserve this more than [parents' names].”

What to right on the front of an envelope? ›

The address, return address and postage should all be on the same side of the package. (If it's improperly addressed, it might get returned to you). Print or type your address in the upper-left corner on the front of the envelope. Print or type clearly the delivery address parallel to the longest side of the envelope.

How do you write a cute baby caption? ›

While there are infinite options for how to caption your baby's photos on social media, here are some of our favorites:
  • "Sometimes the smallest things take the most room in your heart." ...
  • Dream big, little one.
  • Home is where my baby is.
  • We made a wish and you came true.
  • This is our happily ever after.
  • Hello, I'm new here!
1 Nov 2022

How do you write a baby shower description? ›

Be sure to include the following: Language clarifying that the event is a baby shower (many invitations include a baby shower quote and visuals of a baby or baby gear) Who the shower is for (the name of the mom-to-be or the parents-to-be) Who is hosting the shower, so guests know who to reach out to for information.

What should I write on my baby's post? ›

Basic Birth Announcements
  • Welcome to the world, (baby name)!
  • Meet the new love of our lives, (baby name).
  • The wait is finally over! We're thrilled to welcome (baby name).
  • Hello, world! ...
  • On (birth date), we were blessed with the arrival of (baby name).
  • Dreams do come true!
  • It's official! ...
  • Hello, my name is (baby name).
19 Sept 2022


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