BMW Junkyards Near Me [Location Map + Guide + Frequently Asked Questions] (2023)

If you have a BMW and need parts, your best bet is to go to a BMW junkyard. Most junkyards have a BMW section, but if you need a BMW junkyard, German or European scrap metal, you've struck gold. In the following article, I will help you find the nearest BMW junkyard and tell you how to do it.BMW junkyard near mejob, explain the ins and outs of buying used BMW parts, and show some general knowledge of how to sell your BMW to a junkyard.

Map of BMW Junkyards near me

"BMW Junkyards Near Me" or "BMW Junkyards Near Me" can be found on the map below...

If your results seem limited, it's because there are very few BMW car scraps. You can also try searchingGerman scrap metal or European scrap metal. Also, you can check out ourHomepagewhich shows all nearby junkyards, regardless of manufacturer. Any major car junkyard is likely to have a section dedicated to the BMW brand.

How does a BMW junkyard work?

BMW scrapyards are managed locally. BMW junkyards near me buy and sell cars and offer pick-up and removal services, which means you can pick up car parts from the lot and pay for whatever you want.

How they get BMWs in the yard stock

All wreckers and graveyards have slightly different operating procedures, but for the most part they all receive their vehicles the same way. The first way is to get a BMW from a person who wants money for the car. The owner may have felt that the car was not working or that the repair costs were not worth it.

The other way car wreckers get cars is through insurance companies. When a vehicle is in an accident, the insurance company sells it to a junkyard to sellrecover part of the costs you paid in a claim. Anyway, when the junkyard gets the car, they try to sell it for parts at a profit.

How BMW Junkyards Prepare Their Vehicles

If a BMW junkyard accepts your car, you won't be able to go directly to the car park. First, the need to do some basic stripping and draining.

Often the first thing that is done is a large fluid drain. This includes liquids such as gasoline,Motor oil, cleaning water andantifreeze. Gasoline is placed in a secure container and resold, oil is recycled at a facility, and other fluids such as antifreeze are placed back in plastic containers and resold. Anything resold is usually sold very cheaply.

Some BMW junkyards can also disassemble the engine and battery. If they take the engine out, they'll send it to a third party for a warranty, refurbish it, and resell it. If they pull the battery, they test it and charge it if necessary, then they resell it.

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How a BMW Junkyard Is Structured

BMW junkyards near me group the lot by year and model. The way a junkyard is organized can mean the difference between quickly finding the used parts you need or having to walk around all day. Not all BMW junkyards are very well managed or organized.

If you're looking for hard-to-find models or vintage BMW parts, you might not find what you're looking for. However, most shipyards offer the most popular and best-selling models. You are likely to see the following sections at a BMW car showdown event.

  • Series 2
  • 3er
  • 4 series
  • Série 5er
  • 6th grade
  • 7er series
  • X1
  • x2
  • X3
  • X4
  • X5
  • X6
  • M1
  • M2
  • M3
  • M4
  • M5
  • M6
  • M550
  • M240

BMW junkyards near me maintain a searchable electronic inventory that records every car in the lot. If you are looking for a specific BMW part or model, call ahead and ask if they have it. I often find it best to call and ask things like, "Do you have a port for a 2015 7 Series?" or "Do you have any M5s on the property and how low are they?"

What kind of used BMW parts can you find in a junkyard?

BMW junkyards are a gold mine for used BMW parts. You can find all kinds of treasures like doors, seats, mirrors, sinks, water pumps, gaskets, sockets, etc. You will be surprised, but you might even find new parts. Before someone trades in their BMW for cash, they sometimes throw in parts to fix the problem. Lucky for us, if they can't fix it, they scrap the car leaving all the parts new.

What happens after a BMW is dismantled in the junkyard?

BMW Junkyards Near Me [Location Map + Guide + Frequently Asked Questions] (2)

Once a BMW has been disassembled and stripped down to the frame, the junkyard will usually sell what's left for scrap metal. Following this practice, they can make room for more cars on the property. A good salvage yard turns over its inventory every six months. You will find that all of these companies are well run. A neglected junkyard will be full of abandoned cars that have been dismantled and left to rust.

Buy used BMW parts from a junkyard

Advantages of Buying Used BMW Parts from a Junkyard

Buy used BMW partsfrom the junkyard can save you a small fortune. You can get cheap batteries or even a whole door for under $75. Prices like that are common at car dealerships and you can't even get them that cheap online on sites like Ebay. In fact, if you're smart, you can buy used car parts from the junkyard and sell them online and make a nice profit. I've been doing this on Craigslist and Ebay for years.

If you decide to buy used BMW parts from a junkyard, consider buying a warranty on expensive parts. A warranty will cost you $10-$15 at the shipyard near me, but it can save you a lot of time and energy. If you receive a part at home and it doesn't work in your vehicle, you can return it for an exchange. Most mechanic shops do not refund, just exchange for another part or credit.

Another benefit of parts used in the automotive junkyard is that you can find many factory-installed parts. Not everything is assembled by the manufacturer, but you can find some. I'd rather have that than some hacker mechanic installing the thing halfway through.

Disadvantages of Buying Cheap Used BMW Parts

Of course, there are some downsides to buying used parts. Firstly, there is no way to explain the quality of the part, and indeed, it may be nearing the end of its lifespan. If the car's odometer is still working fine, you can take a look and get the general idea, but that's not always the case. He also doesn't know how the previous owner treated the car, he may have hit the car and crushed it to the ground. For this reason, a warranty is recommended for expensive parts.

Another disadvantage is that with a poorly organized yard you can spend the whole afternoon looking for a BMW model and never find one. Sure, they might not have it, but on the other hand they might, but the shipyard is not an organization. An earlier call helps here.

Tips for Selling Your BMW to a Junkyard

If you want to trade your BMW for cash, here's what to do first:

  • Vacuum all the gas and save it to reuse it yourself
  • Take all your personal belongings with you. Check the glove box, trunk center console and seat back flaps
  • Cancel your insurance, registration, and plates (don't let the car breaker do this, they'll charge you)
  • Sabrevalue of your bmwbefore negotiating a sale price

If you need help estimating the value of scrapped vehicles,come here.

If you're selling your BMW to a junkyard, it's good to familiarize yourself a bit with common junkyard practices. Not all of their business practices are considered fair and you should be informed about them.What to Consider When Selling Your Car to a Junkyard.

BMW Resources

BMW junkyard near me Conclusion

Junkyards are ideal for collectors, enthusiasts and mechanics. However, they are not easy to find. So if you have one near you, use it. The good thing though is that BMW is a popular car brand and most junkyards have BMWs and maybe even an entire section dedicated to them. No matter what kind of backyard you're dealing with, you can certainly buy cheap used parts... not just for a BMW, but for any car.

Be sure to read up on junkyard scams and the bargaining tactics they use, but most of the time you'll find good, honest businessmen. Learned at BMW junkyards near me. Save some money now and get some used car parts.

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