FFXIV Culinary Unlock Guide: Mission Locations and Coordinates (2023)

UFFXIVCulinary players have a subtle but important influence. cooking courseFinal fantasyit offers significant and consistent improvements not only to your stats, but also to your ability to level up. You just need to find it before learning everything; however, you need to unlock the class and progress through the many missions. so thisFFXIVGuide to locations and cooking unlocks! You can use this to keep track of where to go as you progress through the secondFFXIVcraft class.

FFXIV Culinary Mission Locations

Find your next jobFFXIVit can be exhausting. You can check the quest completion log where you can read thislastthe quest you completed for a particular class, as well as the name of the NPC you need to talk to for the next one. But where is that NPC? Are they in the same place as last time or have they moved? Assuming you haven't played a certain class in a while, where the heck was the "last time"?

To help you with this, we have put together a simple table that indicates the region, coordinates and level required for each culinary mission. Note that the first quest, "Path of the Culinary", starts at the Culinary Guild in Limsa Lominsa, the capital of La Nosce. The coordinates are listed below, but it's worth noting thatthe guild has its own Aethernet shard. Chances are you've already unlocked the node as you read this!

Levelmission nameSurfaceCoordinates
1Culinary pathLims Lomins upper decks(X: 9, Y: 7)
1my first potLims Lomins upper decks(X: 10, Y: 8)
5trout delightLims Lomins upper decks(X: 10, Y: 8)
10do it yourselfLims Lomins upper decks(X: 10, Y: 8)
15On top of the skewerLims Lomins upper decks(X: 10, Y: 8)
20release the loadLims Lomins upper decks(X: 10, Y: 8)
25Win friends with AldgoatLims Lomins upper decks(X: 10, Y: 8)
30Chefs bane is comingLims Lomins upper decks(X: 10, Y: 8)
35About cooks and booksLims Lomins upper decks(X: 10, Y: 8)
40Your diplomacyLims Lomins upper decks(X: 10, Y: 8)
45the taste of homeLims Lomins upper decks(X: 10, Y: 8)
50Chefsbane's RevengeLims Lomins upper decks(X: 10, Y: 8)
50Wait for meLims Lomins upper decks(X: 10, Y: 8)
53One spoonful of sugar lessLims Lomins upper decks(X: 12, Y: 13)
55looking for something interestingLims Lomins upper decks(X: 12, Y: 13)
58I like tender meatLims Lomins upper decks(X: 12, Y: 13)
60The spirit of hospitalityLims Lomins upper decks(X: 12, Y: 13)
60Flavors from the Far EastLims Lomins upper decks(X: 10,1, Y: 8,2)
63Rice for the occasionMor Dhona(X: 22, Y: 5)
Sixty-fivebrine soupMor Dhona(X: 22, Y: 5)
68teach a man to fishMor Dhona(X: 22, Y: 5)
70The way to the heart of the fatherMor Dhona(X: 22, Y: 5)
70+crystal environmentglass products(X: 10.9, Y: 8.6) – Talk to Bethric
80+delivery of studiesviejo sharlyanCertain

Notes on the crystal medium

From level 70FFXIVartisans and collectors, and in this case also culinary, are thereno more class specific quests. Instead, you get access to 'The Crystalline Mean'. This is a small gathering place for special NPCs in The Crystarium, in Norvrandt, after arriving in the capital duringshadow bearersCampaign. It has its own Ethernet point (simply called "Crystal Center"), but that's about iton the top floor of the city, near Amaro Launchif you find it difficult at first. Artisans and collectors of sufficient skill will see a blue side mission marker drawn towards them there. The initial mission isAlsosimply called the "Crystal Stocking".

There are five notable NPCs in the area with five unique quest chains. Each chain is not only connected toAncrafting or collecting class, but versatile, meaning you can complete each task line step like any of the corresponding classes. The only exception is Fishers;They have their own missions, separate from any other class..

In other words, medium crystalline functionsvery similar to role missionsfor fighting classes, where any DPS magic user can complete every step of the DPS magic questline, and so on. In this case, the crystalline average tasks for the "facet of nutrition" aredivided between culinary and alchemist. You can complete any mission in their series and any task (as long as they meet the level requirements). The above quests start at level 70 with "Friends of a Feather", after speaking to NPC Bethric(X: 10,9, Y: 8,6)in the crystalline medium.

Almost every quest in Crystalline Mean requires you to talk to someone, craft or collect items and deliver them, such as custom deliveries for characters in Idyllshire, Eulmore, etc. You gain XP and Gil for each mission and delivery, as well as scripts for the final one . This makes questlines a great way to level up your non-combat classes. Not to mention, you can use scripts to purchase useful items and gear as you progress through your Disciples of the Hand and Earth.

Please note that you must complete the level 72 main scenario mission "The Solution of the Crystarium" as well as any combat mission to reach and unlock the Crystalline Medium.

Study notes on the deliverables

We don't know much about this new questline at the moment, but developer Square Enix laid out the basics in a Live Letter back in November ahead of the game's release.the ultimate hiker. On that subject: these seem to bethe ultimate hikerSimilar to Crystalline Mean missions. ConsideringThe studio is a confirmed location in Old SharlayanesevenIt's safe to say missions will take place there. Just know that this is based on previous information and some guesswork, so take it with a grain of saltthe ultimate hikerit goes live. At that point, we have a studio delivery guide in addition to everything else.

Basic concepts and culinary significance of FFXIV

Culinary is very similar to Alchemist. It is a highly sought after and useful type of craft.FFXIV– even if he's not the best student of the hand to level up right away. Tool and armor crafting classes (e.g. blacksmith and tanner) can help you cheaply produce progressively better gear to equip yourself with.atartisans easier. Better gear means faster crafting and leveling up.

In addition, the humble chef creates gift-giving foods3% XP increase for all jobs. That is also just a plus. The real appeal is the range of different stats depending on the dish and your needs.FFXIVPlayers of all skill levels should have in-game food on hand at almost all times. New players should eat it for the XP, while serious crafters, collectors, and looters want solid extra stats. And unlike potions of alchemy, culinary food lasts a while. Meals typically offer an additional 30 minutes as standard. Then you can eat two of the same foods during the periodup to an hour in the real world– even more so with matching Free Company reinforcements. There is also no limit to how much you eat.

The end result is that food is not only useful, but also potentiallucrative at a high level. Endgame players looking for an edge always need more. After all, food can literally be used up, unlike equipment that remains usable for months between patches. In reality, they are often sold to other professionals who do not want to move on to the culinary field. High-level food is almost mandatoryin developing "professional recipes" for the finalFor example. This makes Culinary, along with Alchemist, one of the best classes to consistently land GilFFXIV. While there are some significant drawbacks...

Culinary recipes require many ingredients, e.g. More than most other hand students. It takes up storage spacewhich can be quite limited in FFXIV. Such ingredients can also be difficult to obtain. Food relies more on randomly dropping items from enemies. Not to mention semi-random fish catches (which may require special lures). While many other artisans mainly need a guaranteed collection of mining and botanical items. You may want to rely heavily on keepers to collect fish and monster parts for you.

However, the benefits of a cooking class in your team are still significant.

And there you have the basics of how to unlock Culinary (and why you should).FFXIV. Not to mention, you have a handy list of locations to check out as you progress through the class missions on your adventure. Good luck feeding the masses of Eorzea!


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