FFXIV L1 Alchemist leveling guide for 80 (2023)

Shadowbringers UPDATED! Alchemy level up to 80 in an instant! ALC Levequest Item comparisons and value scrolling by level!

ALC Leveling Guide 15-35

Updated MIN and BTN leveling guides. Other notes...

Botanical level up to 90, likeMiner levels to 90shameupdated for endwalker level. The older levels need some tweaking, though I quickly modernized what I could.I've put the important notes at the top of the above guides.reflects the most important things to consider.

I'll post a personal update soon, for those curious...

ShB 5.3 UPDATED! Dwarven Beast Tribe and Ell Tou

log of recent updates

5.3 Updates

  • A tribe of dwarf beastsAdded ShB level quests as a major source of EXP.
  • Eh Touadded as a custom delivery customer option.

previous updates

  • Kai Shirradded as ShB level custom delivery customer option.
  • Section L70 to L80 has been extensively renovated: New skills and rotations! 5.2ish was group F. Skills changed TWICE in a short period of time.Everything is fine now!
  • Equipment recommendation L70+: Yellow Scrip gear is now recommended, for several reasons (mainly you barely need the stats to level up between 70 and 80).

Useful links to keep open:LAC level list

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"But Mahiko San, does he have the guts?"
"If you asked, you wouldn't even know"

Daily Quests of the Ixal Beast Tribe: Crafting/DoH EXP Bonus!

In L15+ it's time to get started! The main goal I advocate for this is:

They are valuable to the master's progress!

initial mission:bad bladder
NPC and location:Crimson reduNew Gridania(9, 11)
MSQ Requirement: the search for the past

These logs are best used to overcome "bad levels", or just your max level other than 50. I think you can also use them when creating classes that are behind for some reason.

Alchemist level 15 to 20

ALC L15 Class Mission Item:potion for intelligence, potion for agility
ALC Level L15 [Location]:Fighting Drug Botten | ul'dah
Alchemist Levels L15 Item Discussion:

I don't recommend using levels at this level, but if you choose...

[Alles] 1xa piece of ash:PURCHASABLE NPC SIZES! (GFB of the Residential Area)
[H] 1 hard leather engraved grimoire:And.
[C]3xdrink of vitality:You could too.
[CR] 3xpower drink:You could too.
[L] 3x Spirit Potion:KUPLJIVE NPC-MATE!
[L] 1x Hard leader grimoire:KUPLJIVE NPC-MATE!

As with any level 15 there are only 2 options:

Courier Cycle <-> Reverse Courier:It can be a bit annoying because of the odd carpet. (IE, Lavender, Goobue Fang, Yellow Yarzon Paw, White Scorpion). If you can find these 4 cheap rugs please.

Or the best single:likely will bea piece of ash(Seriously though, the savings are minimal and you do what you want.) Ash Wand is a unique skill that is good (unlike HL Grimoire where you make ink). Collect growth formulas and buy branches, then build and ship until you're 20 years old.

Alchemist level 20 to 25

Mission Item ALC L20 Class:Engraved hard leather grimoire (improved material)
ALC Level L20 [Location]:Quarry |ul'dah
Discussion of L20 ALCLeves Elements:

[H][R] 5x(15)drink of intelligence:KUPLJIVE NPC-MATE!
[Alles] 1xBudding Ash Wand:Precursor. Not.
[C]3xenchanted silver ink:View material prices...
[L][R] 5(15)xpotion of skill:KUPLJIVE NPC-MATE!
[L] 3x Weak Elimination Potion: No,because the next one has…
[L] 3x Weak Blinding Potion:KUPLJIVE NPC-MATE!

L20 signals death[CR] and welcome[R]. Sad, I know.

Triples:Both triples are incredibly cheap.potion of skillIt is slightly cheaper and you need 1 item less. They can all be purchased from ALC suppliers.

Delivery courier:Hmm, both materials are not for sale... this is fat and FAST EXP (if you're lazy). Check prices before committing.

Individual:Throw away any idea of ​​a wand. In order not to disturb you,weak blinding potionhas all NPC mats available for purchase (but scattered).

Finally,I just encouraged myself and made threes.. HAND CREATION offers a great experience at this early stage of your career, along with cheap doormats...why not?

Leaving L20 is the equivalent of activating wildcards in terms of DoH leveling. Welcome to the "real part".

Alchemist level 25 to 30

ALC L25 Class Mission Statement:(HQ) Natron
ALC Level L25 [Location]:Quarry |ul'dah
Discussion of L25 ALCLeves Elements:

[H][R] 3(9)xGoatskin grimoire:Hello, drink better.
[Alles] 3xcrab oil:Buy them or make them, they will be better than other singles.
[C]1xTransparent glass lens.:Fluctuating prices, but worth a look.
[L][R] 5(15)xbig drink:CHEAP.
[L] 1xGrimoire with engraved goatskin:Forerunner
[L] 1xAsh's wand whispers:Forerunner

Delivery courier:If Natron and Silex are cheap or royal staffTransparent glass lens.outside MB (which is not uncommon), only a courier of this level!

Individual:Don't even think about the Grimoire or the wand…crab oilis true at this level. You will almost always win in all aspects (price, simplicity, location...).

Triples:big drinkin relation to the Goatskin Grimoire… haha. There is no competition, the drink is undoubtedly cheaper.

Well, this level is quite easy, isn't it? Each type of level has an obvious choice. It's actually the "Value of Heaven" versus the "Nolue of Hell." Overall, I would recommendDELIVERY BY COURIERif possible.

Alchemist level 30 to 35

Mission Item ALC L30 Class:(HQ) 3x Weak Blinding Potion
L30 ALC Levels [R]location:Costa Del Sol |ul'dah
Discussion of L30 ALCLeves Elements:

[H][R] 5(15)xglue for horns: Probably notas cheap as Growth Gamma.
[H] 3x High Mind-drankje:It depends if you can find cheap rugs...
[C]3x high potency potion:2/3 NPCs! All you need is: Gil Bun.
[L][R] 3(9)xgamma growth formula:Probably the top three. (purchasable NPC~)
[L] 3x Potion for high agility:It depends if you can find cheap rugs.
[L]3x Enchanted Mithril Ink:This is most likely VERY CHEAP.

Okay, this is the last level where the messenger is "fast".high strength drinkhas a good price; I mean you can pick up Blue Yarzon But and Rock Salt from NPCs. You just have to take a look at Gil Bun. Take advantage of this before you miss out.

Triples:gamma growth formulahas 100% NPC mats that can be bought once you've unlocked the Kobold Vendor (but they should be cheap in MB anyway). Horn glue… man… in the end the price is too volatile. I've marked Gamma as a triple choice for consistency. In addition, GFG is easier to install and requires less time (9v15).

Individual:Hello, Potion of Mind has a WEIRD CARPET. Hi-Potion of Dexterity also generally has cheap gamepads, but again,Enchanted Mithril Inkthere is, the more consistent it will be cheaper. It's only when you find it hard to get a spin that drinks should become an option.

ALC Leveling Guide - Navigation: [0-15]|[15-35]|[35-50]

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