Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced Abilities List (2023)

This is an alphabetical list of all FFTA skills and abilities (excluding the Black/White Magic and Morph skills). Each skill's effect is listed, along with jobs that can learn the skill.

action skills orSkills A, are the attack, healing, and support abilities that units can use in combat. Each job has a set of A-Skills associated with it, grouped under that job's A-Skill type (Example: Black Magician A-Skill is Black Magic and includes all nine spells that can be learned; A-Skill Dragon ), grouped as Dragon Tech). Each drive has two A-Ability slots. First place is for the A skill of the active job. The second slot can be configured for any A ability the unit has learned. For example, a Nu Mou who has learned Black Magic can switch jobs to Time Mage, set up Black Magic in the second A ability slot, and have access to all Black Magic spells learned.

USE:Since Beastmasters and Morphers have identically named abilities that don't do the same thing, I list their abilities as "Control [Monster]" and "[Monster] Morph."

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skill namedescriptionfunctions100 % LaneProjects Protect and Shell onto the user.animisticshoot downDetains the judge for a round so laws can be broken without punishment.OberrichteracidRandom status perturbation for the target.
Learned from wizardRottenAddle's goal. It only works on monsters.HunterattachmentIncreases the target's critical hit rate.HunteraerodynamicWind damage to a group of targets.obispo
Weiseintermittent feverDelay the target.assassinPurpose: armDisables the target.goalkeeperPurpose: armorDestroys the target's armor.sniperPurpose: legsImmobilizes the target.goalkeeperPurpose: vitalRandom status perturbation for the target.HunterPurpose: portfolioCauses the target to drop some money.sniperdirected weaponDestroys the target's weapon.sniperjato de arInflicts Wind damage to units in front of the user.fighteraerial representationDamage hits up to three panels away from the user.fighter
white monkangel whispersRestores a small amount of HP and casts Auto-Life on the target.
Learned from wizardAphoniewhite of silenceassassinAstraProtects a group of targets from a status ailment.Alchemist
TemplesAuraCasts Regen and Auto-Life on the user.defendercar lifeComplete an objective with Auto-Life.White wizardNitrogenPuts all enemies to sleep.airtightcountercurrentAttack that deals heavy fire damage to the target but also deals recoil damage to the user.fightershe wasThrows a ball that confuses the target.Jugglercry bangaSonic attack that damages units in front of the user.ContinueBarreraSimultaneously cast Guard and Protect on a target.obispo
red wizardbeatingAttack that deals high damage but has low accuracy.fighter
Gladiatorpoisonous kissTarget of damage and poisons.sniperHellRoots and disables the target.OberrichterBiographyDamages and poisons a group of targets.Weiseblack ingotInflicts havoc on the user's group or enemy faction.Deviceenergy leftblind white.goalkeeperBlindBlind a group of targets.Weiseblind shotDamages and blinds an enemy.GunnerBlitzLow damage attack with high accuracy rate.fighter
GladiatorblizzardLight ice damage to a group of targets.Black magician
red wizardBlizzaraMedium ice damage to a group of targets.Black magicianBlizzagaHeavy cold damage to a group of targets.Black magicianblowSuicide attack that deals heavy damage to nearby units.
Learned with wizardblue screwDispels magic effects on user's group or enemy group.Devicebody punchDeals heavy damage to the target, but deals knockback damage to you.Guerrerolightning breathFires bolts of lightning to damage units in front of the user.ContinueBoltshotthunder elemental shot.Gunnerscrew swordAttack with a Thunder Sword.GladiatorincreaseIncreases the attack power of the user's weapon.goalkeeperRestTurns the target to stone.obispoburialErase the undead from existence.goalkeepergraspCatch the weakened monster.HunterMilzbrandSummons Carbuncles to cast Reflect on all units within range.callercatnipInflicts the berserk state on a target.animisticRanchRestores HP and heals the user's condition.white monkcharm shotDamages and enchants an enemy.GunnerSchachmattdestiny.fencerto cheerIncreases weapon attack.TemplesChocobo racingChocobo stomps to damage all units along the user's lane.animisticChroma-JuwelPuts user group or enemy group to sleep.DeviceHideThe user becomes invisible until an action is performed or an ability successfully hits them.sniperscrewed up shotDamages and confuses an enemy.Gunnercontrol pumpControl bombs and grenades.beastmastercheck errorsControl Antilions and Jawbreakers.beastmastercontrol dragonsControl Firewyrms, Ice Drakes and Thunderdrakes.beastmasterfee controlControl sprites and titanias.beastmasterControl puddingControls creams, frozen desserts and jellies.beastmastercontrol floating eyeControla Ahrimans und Floateeyes.beastmastercontrol goblinControl goblins and redcaps.beastmasterControl the LamiaControl Lamias and Liliths.beastmasterControl MalboroHe controls Malboros and Ochus.beastmasterControl pantherControla Coeurls und Panthers.beastmasterControla RockbeastControl Bladebiters and Toughskins.beastmasterControl tonberryControl tonberries and masterberries.beastmastercontrol undeadControl vampires and zombies.beastmastercollectProtects an ally from damage for 1 turn.PaladinCocinaFully restores the target's HP.animisticAmorKnows about charms.goalkeepertreatmentSlight HP recovery for a group of targets. Damages the wizard
White wizardtreatmentAverage HP is restored for a group of targets. Damages the undead.obispo
White wizardCuracaoHigh HP is restored for a group of targets. Damages the undead.White wizardVonThrows a dagger that damages an enemy and incapacitates them.JugglerTodKill the target.Alchemistsickle of deathdestiny.sniperdefenseThe user casts Protect and Shell on themselves for 1 turn.defender
PaladinfloodLight water damage to all enemies.IllusionistdemiHalves the target's HP.rune hunter
magician of timescatterRemoves magic effects from the target.obispoArcher of DestinyDamages the target's HP and MP by the same amount as the user's HP.sniperdouble transmissionCast two spells in one wizarddouble shotAttack twice with less power than normal.sniperreduce the sizeHalves the target's HP.Guerrerodragon powerIncreases attack power.
Learned from wizardleakDrains HP from a target.Weisedrain cockDrains HP from a target.
Learned from wizardrelease weaponDisarm the target.defender
Paladinearth careElemental HP recovery for a target.Elementaristrepresentation of the earthDamages units along a line from the user to the edge of the map.white monkearth veilJutsu that deals light earth damage and slows the target.Ninjaselementary changeChanges the target's elemental affinity.ElementaristExorciseErase the undead from existence.white monkIs aCures status ailments.White wizardevil sightDeals light dark damage and confuses the target.Elementaristexpert guardNullifies all damage for 1 turn.defenderblowMassive fire damage to a group of targets.rune hunterfar fistRanged attack that hits a group of targets.fighter
white monkbut fastAttack that negates the R ability.goalkeeperpenalty kickDeals light damage with a high hit rate.fencerFuegoLight fire damage to a group of targets.Black magician
red wizardfiraMedium fire damage to a group of targets.Black magicianBeginLarge burn damage to a group of targets.Black magicianFire bombThrows a firebomb that damages a target and inflicts the berserk state.Jugglerfire breathBreathe fire to damage units in front of the user.Continueshot fireFire Elemental Shot.Gunnerfire swordAttack with a flaming sword.Gladiatorveil of fireJutsu that deals light fire damage and confuses the target.Ninjasfire whipDeals light Fire damage and disables a target.ElementaristFirst aidSlightly restores the unit's HP and healing status.Soldier
Guerreroflare gunHigh damage to a group of targets.AlchemistFreeze BlinkLight cold damage to all enemies.IllusionistFreundSummons a random Summon Monster that targets all units in an area.animisticfrog songTransforms an enemy into a frog.animisticfull lifeRevives the target and fully restores HP.White wizardGiga-FlareDeals massive damage to a group of targets.WeiseGil releaseThrows a heavy bag of money at a target.Jugglerbatter elfRandom damage to a target.
Learned from wizardgolden batteryRestores the HP of the user or enemy group.Devicelubricated screwAttack that negates R abilities.Guerrerogreen gearPoisons the user's party or the enemy's party.DeviceClearLowers the target's Defense and Resistance.
Learned from wizardPressSpeeds up time for a target.Temples
magician of timeBeginnerDecreases the target's speed.
Learned from wizardheavy dustDeals light earth damage and immobilizes the target.ElementaristhibernateSleep to regain health and status.defenderHolyHigh holy damage to a group of targets.obispoholy swordHeavy Holy damage to a target.Paladinholy signDispels magical effects on the target.white monkhuntLow damage finishing move that grants the user 10 JP if they manage to knock down the target.HunterthrowThrows a weapon from the party's inventory at a target.Jugglerice breathSpits ice to damage units in front of the user.Continueshot iceice elemental shot.Gunnerice swordAttack with an ice sword.GladiatorIfritSummons Ifrit to deal Fire damage to units within range.callerMuff JPGives the ally own JP.OberrichterJudgeSteals JP from target.obispothe judge's swordDamages and steals JP from the target.OberrichterTo jumpLeaps into the air to deal significant damage to a target.
A spear must be equipped for this.ContinueKirinSummons Kirin to cast Regeneration on units within range.callerLanzetteIt also drains HP.ContinueLast breathKill the target.assassinLifeRevives the target with half HP.White wizardrestDeals damage equal to the user's attack power.TemplesLV? S-FlareDeals massive Dark damage to all units whose level is the same number as the caster.
Learned from the wizardLV3 Def-MinusDecreases weapon defense and magic resistance of units whose level is evenly divided by 3.
I learned from wizardThe foodSummons Madeen to deal Holy damage to units within range.callerspellbreakDeals MP damage to the target.Soldier
Guerreromagic hammerDeals MP damage.
Learn with wizardWhere's getroffenDeals high MP damage to the target.fencerMatra MagiaReverses the target's HP and MP.
Learned from wizardmeltTributes the user to damage all surrounding units equal to the user's HP.defenderMetal voiceJutsu that deals light damage and blinds the target.NinjasMeteoriteCalls down a meteor to damage the target.Alchemistpowerful guardIncreases the target's Defense and Toughness.
Learned from wizardpause for thoughtReduces the target's magic power.Soldier
Guerrerohelp mogThe user restores a small amount of HP and cures the condition.Caballero-MogAnd attacked MogAttack that pushes the target back one space.Caballero-MogMog GuardianThe user casts Protect and Shell on themselves for 1 turn.Caballero-Mogmog lanceRanged attack that can hit an enemy up to 3 squares away.Caballero-MogMogs BlickDiscover hidden items in the hands of enemy units.Caballero-Mogmog feverAn attack that deals high damage but has low accuracy.Caballero-MogMog-SchildGrants the user unique protection from any status ailment.Caballero-Mogbomb transformationTransforms to use bomb abilities.maternal grandfatherMorfismo de bichosMorphs to use bug abilities.maternal grandfatherMetamorphosis DragonTransforms to use dragon abilities.maternal grandfatherFlan-MorphTransforms to use Flan abilities.maternal grandfatherFloating-Eye-TransformationTransforms to use Floateeye's abilities.maternal grandfathertransformed goblinMorphs to use goblin abilities.maternal grandfatherLamia MorphTransforms to use Lamia's abilities.maternal grandfatherMalboro transformationTransforms to use Malboro's abilities.maternal grandfatherPanther MetamorphoseMorphs to use Panther's abilities.maternal grandfathercutDeals heavy damage to surrounding units, but slows the user.defenderBecherDamage the target and steal gil.SoldierAbendPuts all units (both friendly and enemy) to sleep.
Learned from wizardChotacabrasAttack a single target from afar.fencerBad dreamAffects the target with Sleep and Doom.assassinnurseRestores health and a small amount of HP to nearby users and units.PaladinTo forgetAddle's goal.assassin
Ninjasdrive outEliminate the monster from the battlefield.HunterNegotiateOrders an enemy unit to leave the battlefield.PaladinPhoenixSummons Phoenix to revive downed units within range.callerDrillTwo-field attack that can hit two targets.fencerGiftPoisons a group of targets.Alchemist
red wizardpoison clawtarget damage and poison.
Learned from the Red wizardPower failureReduces the target's attack power.Soldier
GuerreromeaningLight fire damage to all enemies.IllusionistTo protectGrants protection from physical damage to a group of targets.White wizardquarterReduces a target's HP by 1/4.rune hunter
magician of timeaccelerateAllows the target to take an immediate turn.magician of timeincreaseRevives downed units and restores HP to other units within the target radius.WeiseRamuhSummons Ramuh to deal lightning damage to units within range.callerdickDeals MP damage to a group of targets.Alchemist
Templesrote FederCast haste on the user's party or the enemy's party.DevicereflectImbues the target with a magic-repellent barrier.magician of timerevitalizeRevives the fallen unit.white monkRingThrows a ring that applies Stop to a target.JugglerFelssiegelTurns the target to stone.assassinRouletteKill a unit in the field. The target is chosen randomly.
Learned from wizardPressAttack that pushes the target back one space.fighter
GladiatorSanta CruzHoly damage to adjacent units.PaladinSensorRecognize hidden objects.SoldierTreasures-Lassoto the goalassassinshadow staffDecreases the target's speed.fencercounting sheepPuts targets to sleep. area effect.animisticshellInfuses a group of targets with protection from magic damage.White wizardbright airInflicts light wind damage and blinds the target.ElementaristShiwaSummons Shiva to deal cold damage to units within range.callercrosswinderDouble damage to the monster.HunterquietlyPrevents a group of targets from using magic.Temples
magician of timesilent shotDeal damage to an enemy and silence them.Gunnersilver discBlind the user group or the enemy group.DeviceAnti-slipDeals light water damage and slows the target.ElementaristSlowSlows down the time of a group of targets.magician of timeto smileThrows a singing pink pony to give the target the next turn.Jugglerground proofLight earth damage to all enemies.Illusionistsonic boomDeal damage to enemies in the targeted area. Distance.Huntersoul sphereDeals MP damage to a group of targets.TemplesSpeedbreakDecreases the target's speed.Soldier
GuerreroSternenkreuzLight holy damage to all enemies.IllusionistStardustDamage all enemies.IllusioniststareConfuses units in front of the user.
Learned from wizardSteal: AbilitySteal an A ability from an enemy.
They can only steal abilities associated with jobs that the unit's race can hold.
Cannot steal unmastered skills.
Blue Magic's A-Skills cannot be stolen.ThiefSteal: AccessorySteal an accessory from an enemy. You can't steal shoes.ThiefSteal: ArmorSteals an enemy's armor.ThiefRobo: EXPSteal experience points from an enemy.ThiefSteal: GilSteal agility from an enemy.ThiefRubar: ElmoSteal a helmet from an enemy.ThiefRubo: JPSteal judge points from an enemy.ThiefSteal: ShieldSteal a shield from an enemy.ThiefSteal: WeaponSteal a weapon from an enemy.ThiefquietlyStops time for a group of targets.rune huntercutStops time for a group of targets.magician of timeStopshotDamages and stops an enemy.GunnerMeisterDeals very light damage to a target.PaladinSchwalbenschwanzDamage to surrounding units.fencerswarm strikeDeals light damage and poisons the target.fencerfan tailCharm an enemy.animisticConsiderAttack that deals light damage but has high accuracy.goalkeeperSturmLight lightning damage to all enemies.IllusionistThrowThrows a weapon from the party's inventory at a target.NinjasDonnerLight lightning damage to a group of targets.Black magician
red wizardhoofMedium lightning damage to a group of targets.Black magicianSewLarge lightning damage to a group of targets.Black magicianSapoTransforms the target into a frog.AlchemistshakeDamages and knocks back surrounding units.defenderTornadoReduces the HP of units in the target area by 1/ wizardlast shotHigh damage attack powered by Ultimate Magic.Weiselast loadHigh damage attack powered by Ultimate Magic.Caballero-Mogultimate shredderHigh damage attack powered by Ultimate Magic.assassinultimate shotHigh damage attack powered by Ultimate Magic.Hunterlast swordHigh damage attack powered by Ultimate Magic.GladiatorEinhornSummons the unicorn to heal units within range.callercancel spellJutsu that removes magic effects from the target.Ninjaswar crySlows surrounding units.TemplesAguaWater damage to a group of targets.obispo
Weisewater veilJutsu that deals light water damage and silences the target.NinjasStrudelDamages surrounding units.white monkwhite flameElemental HP recovery for a group of units.Elementaristwhite windRestores the HP of units in the target area by an amount equal to the caster's current HP.
Learned from wizardwild swingAttack that damages surrounding units.fighter
Gladiatorwilder TornadoLight wind damage to all enemies.Illusionistwooden veilJutsu that deals light damage and immobilizes the target.NinjasWyrm VanquisherHigh damage for dragons.ContinueWyrm TamerConvince a dragon to leave the battlefield.Continueyellow clipRemoves a yellow card from an ally's record.Oberrichteryellow springThrows Barrier at a user group or an enemy group.Device

responsiveness, theR-Skills, are abilities activated by the enemy's actions. These include but are not limited to counters, dodges, and stat increases caused by critically low health. Only one R ability can be set at a time.

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skill namedescriptionfunctionsAbsorber MPWhen hit by a spell, the unit's MP is restored by the amount of MP used to cast the spell.Elementarist
IllusionistAutomatic rainUnity casts rain on itself when attacked.Device
sniperBlock mushroomsUnit cannot be hit with arrow attacks.animistic
airtightbone breaksCounterattacks for 1.5x normal damage.fighter
TemplesTakeCatch a thrown object and save it.Juggler
red wizardaccountantThe unit attacks when hit.rune hunter
white monkDamage > MPDamage from enemy attacks drains MP instead of wizard
maternal grandfatherDrachenherzCasts auto-life on itself when attacked.Continuelast berserkerBerserkers itself when HP is critical.defenderlast raceCast haste when HP is critical.beastmaster
NinjasLast QuickenCasts speed up when HP is critical.magician of timeConsiderationDodge physical attacks.fencer
white monkreturn fireHe takes an arrow and shoots it back at the archer.assassin
Jugglermagical returnIf the unit is the target of a spell, it casts the same spell on the caster.obispo
Black magiciancounterattackAttack parries and counterattacks.fighter

support skillsS skills, are abilities that are always active once equipped. These abilities can change what the unit can equip, prevent equipment theft, increase attack and defense power, and have other effects. Only one S ability can be set at a time.

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skill namedescriptionfunctionsIn focusIncreases aiming accuracy.goalkeeper
GunnerZweiwegstrasseHolds a one-handed weapon with both hands for increased damage.fighter
Gladiatordouble swordAllows the unit to equip two weapons.NinjasGeomanciaIt uses the power of the earth to increase magical power.Black magicianafternoonHalves the cost of casting spells.obispo
callerimmunityIncreases resistance to status ailments.beastmaster
blue wizardTo learnAllows the user to learn blue magic abilities from wizardSpell Power+Increases magical power.Alchemist
red wizardmaintenancePrevent device equipment from being stolen or destroyed.alchemist, thiefmonkey gripAllows the unit to wield a two-handed weapon in one hand.Soldier
GuerreroShield handsomeAllows the unit to equip a shield regardless of the task.fencer
GuerreroMP-TurboIncreases the power of spells by doubling MP consumption.White wizardWeapon Attack +Increases physical attack power.airtight
TemplesWeapon Defense +Increases resistance to physical attacks.defender
rune hunter

combined skillsC knowledge, are combo attacks. The combo system in FFTA is not well implemented, so the only point for these skills in all respects is job mastery. The uselessness of combos is compounded by the fact that they are learned from mithril weapons that are randomly dropped in random enemy battles. It's entirely possible to complete the game without acquiring a single mithril weapon. Only one C skill can be set at a time.

(Video) Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Illusionist Abilities

skill namedescriptionfunctionsanimal combinationCombined attack for animists.animisticcrossbow combinationAtaque combinado for beast mastersbeastmasterNigga CombinationCombined attack for black mages.Black magicianblue combinationCombined attack for Blue wizardcombined bowCombined attack for archers.goalkeeperLoad station wagonCombined attack for Mog Knights.Caballero-Mogcombat comboCombined attack for soldiers and warriors.Soldier
GuerreroDefender ComboCombined attack for defenders.defenderdragon combinationCombo attack for dragons.Continuecombat comboCombo attack for fighters.fighterGadget CombinationCombined attack for Gadgeteers.Devicegolden combinationCombined attack for alchemists.Alchemistcombination of weaponsCombined attack for gunners.Gunnerhunting combinationCombined attack for hunters.Hunterjuggling combinationCombined attack for jugglers.JugglerKiller-CombiAssassin combo attack.assassinRitter KombiCombination attack for paladins.Paladinlunge comboCombined attack for fencers.fencermonk combinationCombined attack for white monks.white monkCombo-MorferoCombined attack for morphers.maternal grandfatherThe Ninja CombinationCombined attack for ninja.Ninjassentence combinationCombined attack for runners.obispored combinationCombo attack for red wizardHoly comboCombined attack for Templars.TemplesSniper CombinationCombined attack for snipers.sniperspell combinationCombo attack for illusionists.Illusionistspirit combinationCombined attack for elementalists.ElementaristSummon CombinationCombo attack for summoners.callersword combinationCombined attack for gladiators.Gladiatorthieves combinationCombo attack for thieves.Thiefcombination of timeCombined attack for time mages.magician of timewhite combinationCombined attack for white wizards.White wizardclever combinationCombined attack for Sages.Weise


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