Get to know India's 15 freelance entrepreneurs to watch out for in 2023 (2023)

Entrepreneurship is a profession that involves great risks and great rewards. The significant increase in the number of self-employed entrepreneurs in India has been instrumental in shaping the country's economy and empowering the country's youth.

Get to know India's 15 freelance entrepreneurs to watch out for in 2023 (1)

self-taught entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is a profession that involves great risks and great rewards. The significant increase in the number of self-employed entrepreneurs in India has been instrumental in shaping the country's economy and empowering the country's youth.

This article contains the inspiring success stories of India's brightest business leaders who worked against all odds to make their mark on the world by setting their goals and honing their entrepreneurial skills.

krishna prakash

Krishna Prakash is a Life Coach, Yogacharya, Thought Leader in India's Knowledge Systems, Author, Entrepreneur and Founder of Shrimath International Residential Yoga School.

Having worked in the wellness field since 2003, Krishna saw an opportunity for boutique yoga schools where seekers from all over the world could experience authentic yoga as a complete system and not just simple poses, and founded Shrimath in 2011.

Shrimath is recognized by the Government of India, with the support of the Indian Yoga Association (IYA), Yoga Alliance International, World Yoga Federation and Yoga Alliance.

Shrimath Yoga has served over 12,500 clients and has gained wide international recognition for offering a combination of ashram learning, home cooking and simple living on its 2.5 acre campus on the outskirts of Bangalore.

The yoga school has received several awards and recognitions, including the Certificate of Excellence since 2014, the Hall of Fame in 2019 and the Travelers' Choice Award from the international travel portal TripAdvisor in 2020.

mayur soni

Mayur Soni is known as India's leading edtech entrepreneur. He is the founder of several communities and platforms aimed at providing students with the right education to be accepted into the best MBA and Masters universities in the country, including TISS, IIM, IIT, XLRI, SCMHRD, NMIMS and others.

He graduated from TISS Mumbai and has worked with several renowned companies like Accenture, Crompton, Dr. Reddy's Laboratories and Cipla Collaborated. In addition, he has over ten years of teaching and mentoring experience and has trained over four thousand students to help them achieve their goals.

Vair and the DreamMBA Community, two of the community platforms he founded, currently offer more than 5,000 students complete support throughout the selection process in the best Master's and MBA programs. Under his guidance, his students have been successfully placed with companies such as Ernst & Young, Deloitte, Reliance Industries, HUL, Wipro, Bajaj and others.

Nivin Ravi

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A former engineer in the Indian Air Force, Nivin Ravi's first love was nurturing the inner light in everyone, including children and adults alike.

"My vision is to unleash your children's true inner potential," says Nivin. He is building "THE SOUL - The School of Universal Love", an experiential learning under "The Psyche - God Within". It is an open digital learning platform that integrates artificial intelligence and uses deep psychoanalysis tools to serve educational solutions for young and old.

The school focuses on serving children between the ages of 3 and 13. The school is creating a compendium of psychoanalytic activities and a game-based curriculum that would provide digitally simulated experiences that resemble our real lives.

He is Executive Director of the Aidan Group. He manufactures Terrasand, a high-quality construction sand material, runs The Justice Haqq, a law firm dedicated to helping the poor, Nostaad Media, a spiritual film production company, and Nostaheaven, an AI-integrated shopping and entertainment hub .

Umesh Kumar

Umesh Kumar is a young entrepreneur and cryptocurrency and blockchain expert. He is the founder and CEO of an Indian cryptocurrency exchange called SunCrypto based in the city of Jaipur, Rajasthan. SunCrypto was launched in July 2021 and in a very short time it has built a base of more than eight lakh active and registered users for crypto trading and investment.

SunCrypto offers its users the ability to "Quick Trade", which means that the moment an order is placed at the current or expected market price, it is matched and executed on the fly. Umesh's goal is to create a platform that allows easy and straightforward cryptocurrency exchanges without complexity and makes the trading experience unforgettable.

Therefore, Quick Trade helps bridge the gap between the buyer and the seller and solves the liquidity problem within minutes. SunCrypto, under the leadership of Umesh Kumar, is emerging as India's leading exchange startup ready to transform the trading experience.

Sanjhna Nayar

Sanjhna is an author, blogger, podcaster, psychic medium, rune and tarot consultant, art therapist, tasseographer, graphologist and energy healer. She is the founder and CEO of Safronya The Journey Within, a holistic wellness center and has a strong commitment to spreading positivity and guiding people towards emotional, mental and physical growth and healing.

She represents the Unity and Wisdom G100 as President of the State of Assam; National President, Council of Gems and Jewels, WICCI; Baalikavidya Project Ambassador for the South Zone; and the facilitator of CIC, climate center for SMEs. She also won a national award for Bharatanatyam and received the 2022 Best Writer title for Savage Lemonade: An Army Wife's Spiritual Journey.

Sanjhna believes that union with oneself should be the prerequisite for fulfilling and fulfilling dreams. She has also received numerous awards for her contribution to the advancement of women and her active presence in various social activities.

anupri singh

There is no end to growth when you are determined and here an engineer proves that there is more to becoming an engineer and is therefore an inspiration to many engineering students and aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Anupriy Singh is an engineer turned entrepreneur and started his entrepreneurial journey from, a home delivery company providing door to door services such as home tutors, technicians, legal experts, accountants and home delivery of goods. After gaining extensive experience with this company, Anupriy founded a horticulture company, Witwake Solutions Pvt. Ltd in 2019, which focuses on providing customers with comprehensive, healthy and efficient space services.

He works as Managing Director for Witwake Solutions Private Limited and is involved in converting unused and non-prohibited land into greener or high yielding luxury properties. The Lucknow-based company has expanded its horizons to serve large companies and has successfully transformed hundreds of urban spaces through its expertise in horticulture, vertical gardening and landscaping.

EM. Ezhil Thamaraiselvan

Mrs. Ezhil is a single mother who started her entrepreneurial journey in 2016 to meet the needs of her family. She started her business Viraja Fashionista, a women's clothing and accessories brand, with a very modest investment of five thousand rupees.

The success of Mrs. Ezhil, who hails from the city of Salem, Tamil Nadu, is a sign of his family's unwavering support and unquestioning trust in them. Her Viraja Fashionista brand also has an eCommerce platform that offers an exclusive range of sarees. Mrs. Ezhil is the sole decision maker in her company which generates a lot of revenue due to her decision making ability and business ethics.

Your company is an inspiration to many people who want to start their own business without making a big investment. Mrs. Ezhil plans to expand his business to different locations across Tamil Nadu, forming partnerships with weavers across the state and attracting new customers.

Sarthak Goel

Sarthak Goel is India's leading personality coach for men and an expert in body language recognition and communication. Sarthak believes that emotional investment in unhealthy relationships that create toxic cycles is a huge problem in the modern dating scene, killing potential creativity in young brains and damaging our nation's future.

Sarthak Goel believes that today's dating culture has changed significantly and with the increased use of social media, people need to update their approach to dating to be fit for the 2020s. better versions of themselves, Sarthak Goel helps them build their personalities and auras to reflect their true selves and reach their full potential as their clear, creative minds dramatically revolutionize the India of the future.

Sarthak Goel has influenced over 150,000 men through Instagram and YouTube, garnering over 20 million views on those platforms. Furthermore, Sarthak has quadrupled his family business in the past three quarters and is currently focused on his new venture.

dr. Subrata Dutta

dr. Subrata Dutta is an innovator, entrepreneur, motivational coach, author and founder of Renatus Wellness Private Limited, one of the fastest growing network marketing companies in India with a distribution base of over Rs 2 lakhs.

With over eighteen years of network marketing experience, he understands the need to maintain a healthy balance despite a busy schedule by providing our bodies with the best natural nutrition possible. dr. Dutta launched an all-natural nutraceutical health product, Renatus Nova, about four years ago. It was well received in Indian and overseas market. Many other unique wellness, personal care and home care products are in the pipeline and awaiting launch very soon.

He is the author of A Map to the Pinnacle of Success and has been named an executive member of the FDSA. Furthermore, in November 2022, he received the Doctor of Business award from the Global Human Peace University for his contribution to well-being.

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dr. Dutta was also nominated by the World Commission for the Protection of Human Rights as a recipient of the Doctor of Business award (specializing in business administration, training and mental motivation development).

Moonjir Alam

Moonjir Alam is an Assam-based businessman currently working in the education sector. Coming from a small town in Assam, Moonjir graduated from IBS Mumbai. After working as a marketing manager in Mumbai, Singapore and Dubai for 3 years, he set up his own video marketing agency in Mumbai. But in lockdown, when he came to his hometown, he felt the need for a quality secondary school along with NEET and JEE training in Lower Assam. Along with his father, he started working on it and within 2 years built one of the most desired residential schools in Assam, "Howly National Academy of Sciences". He already has 300 students from different parts of Assam studying at his academy, making it the fastest growing school in Assam. Moonjir says that while building the team and the school, my only vision was to build a school that I would love to attend if I were a science student. With his knowledge of brand marketing and his focus on service quality, he was able to build a school that would otherwise take years. Currently, Moonjir offers advice to other school owners, edtech founders or aspiring educational entrepreneurs on how to grow their brand marketing business.

Praveen Kumar

Praveen Kumar is a Sales Professional, Entrepreneur, Franchise Professional, Management Consultant and currently the Founder and CEO of Business Brigade with over 16 years of experience in business and entrepreneurship. He is experienced in formulating business development strategies that facilitate the growth of companies and brands prevalent in the franchise segment of today's Indian market.

Known for providing complete solutions for any brand that needs to expand in India and some parts of the Middle East and Southeast Asia, Business Brigade offers Branding and Digital Marketing (Solution Provider), Consulting and Franchise Expansion (Franchise Brigade) services and Interior Turnkey - Design and Implementation (UX9) - Pan India. He is known as a detail-oriented professional who demonstrates strong relationship management skills and is able to identify market, industry and customer needs and ensure they are met effectively. Praveen believes these skills set him apart and give him a professional edge in the workplace.

Under Business Brigade, Praveen has built three successful brands with his co-founder: Solution Seller, Franchise Brigade and UX9. The Enterprise Franchise Brigade helps create and formulate franchise and expansion models. Solution providers are brand experts and a digital marketing team with core competence in lead generation and ROI-based marketing, while UX9 provides a total solution for commercial and corporate interiors - Pan India

Anurag S

Anuraag S is a well-known cartoonist and visual marketer with a background in the military. He is the founder ofpen holderDesign, a multidisciplinary design company active in the creation of innovative products, services and visual merchandising. The company also offers services such as brand identity creation, customer experience design, innovative and interactive kiosk and packaging design, and window and display design.

The creative director also has previous experience with premium airline Jet Airways and has built a dominant name in the industry by working with some of the biggest names in Indian retail. He specializes in areas such as creative advertising, experimental products and spaces, strategic communications, visual merchandising, innovative thinking, design and creativity master classes, team mentoring and value engineering.

Anuraag has won numerous awards and awards for his work, most notably Asian Store Conventions, Window and Facade Design.

Sandeep Pingale

Sandeep is a passionate civil engineer who comes from a farming family. He has extensive experience in civil construction, has an unlimited structural license and has designed several major projects, including a G+81 building in Dubai.

After returning from Dubai due to the recession in 2010, he opened his own business,E-ConstructionDesign and Build Private Limited, as a civil engineering solutions consulting services company. As his business expanded, he realized the mismatch between the curriculum of a civil engineering course and the demands of working in the field, which led him to create an in-house learning center ON THE WORK for civil and structural engineering students. , as well as professionals who work to provide quality education.

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Sandeep's initiative has helped thousands of civil engineers enter leading companies in India and abroad, helping them gain the necessary skills and aptitudes to succeed in this field.

Pablo Pradipta

Pradipta is Director of Sedulous Tech Solutions, an ISO 9001:2015, DPIIT and CMMI Level 3 certified company, and believes that the only way to grow in this competitive market is to offer the best services at an affordable price. SEDULOUS offers excellent quality features, quality performance and reliable ERP support at the best prices.

He holds an engineering degree from a prestigious university in West Bengal and believes that the lack of adequate support for IT applications can have a negative impact on a company's day-to-day operations and ultimately result in lower return on IT investments.

As an IT consulting firm, Seedulous has a strong track record of world-class expertise and operates in over 80 countries.

He also serves as a founding partner of DigitalTrainZilla, the training arm of Sedulous Tech Solutions LLC. The company is committed to bridging the gap between the regular university curriculum and the demands of the industry, and is also committed to on-the-job training.

The other two enterprises of the same entrepreneur are SEDULOUS Electricals and The ASTRO Saga. Both companies are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

This conglomerate donates over 30% of its profits to CSR activities involving seniors and children.

As a group, SEDULOUS has grown nearly 400% year over year under his competent leadership. The group is expanding massively and expects to hit $1 million by the end of fiscal 23-24.

Deepak Agarwal

Dipak Agarwal is an entrepreneur from Kolkata and the mind behind Onex Solutions, an innovative platform offering digital marketing services.

He holds a Bachelor of Commerce from St. Xavier's College, Kolkata, and is a CA whose profession and passion and interest in advertising and networking led him to found Onex Solutions. His company deals with Bulk SMS, Bulk Email, Voice Calls (VMN) and Digital Solutions, helping clients to promote and market their products and services via SMS and Email. Dipak also has experience working with the well-known brand Ernst & Young, where he interned and worked for a year after completing his CA degree.

Onex Solutions has established a dominant presence in the market, expanding its base to Bangalore and Mumbai in addition to Kolkata. It also holds the record for marketing over 4,000 customers in 2,000 cities and 10,000 PIN codes. Dipak, the founder, is currently focused on the #PledgeVocalforLocal mission.


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India is lucky to have such inspiring entrepreneurs who not only contribute to the Indian economy but also create jobs. The successful entrepreneurs mentioned above are role models for generations to come, paving the way for a revolution in the business arena.


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