How much does a Geek Squad Advanced Repair Agent make? - All famous FAQ (2023)

The typical salary for a Geek Squad Advanced Repair Agent is $18 per hour. Geek Squad Advanced Repair Agent salaries can vary$10 - $32 per hour.

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Was ist ein Geek Squad Advanced Repair Agent?

Geek Squad Advanced Repair Agentidentifies and offers recommendations based on technology-related solutions to solve customer needsand ensure no customer is left unattended. …agents diagnose technology problems through various troubleshooting activities, including the use of specialized software.

Quanto Cobra oder Best Buy Geek Squad?

How Much Does a Geek Squad Agent Make at Best Buy? The typical salary for a Best Buy Geek Squad agent is$19 per hourπŸ‡§πŸ‡· Geek Squad agent salaries at Best Buy can range from $12-$31 per hour.

How much does Best Buy pay the Geek Squad consultant?

How much does a Geek Squad, Consulting Agent at Best Buy make? The typical salary for Best Buy Geek Squad, Consulting Agent is$16 per hourπŸ‡§πŸ‡· Geek Squad, Consulting Agent salaries at Best Buy can range from $1-$115 per hour.

What is a Geek Squad Macaw?

Geek Squad Advanced Repair Agent

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Work with other team members to ensure consistent and accurate documentation of customer inquiries and repairs.πŸ‡§πŸ‡· Geek Squad Advanced Repair Agent identifies and delivers related technologies,...

What does a Geek Squad Consulting Agent do?

job description

Geek Squad Consultation Agents serve as the first point of contactTechnology Solutions and Support, while maintaining a friendly and efficient check-in and check-out experience for customers requiring product or other technical support.

Does Geek Squad receive commissions?

No commissionπŸ‡§πŸ‡· Different departments can earn paycheck bonuses when they meet monthly sales goals.

Is Geek Squad an IT job?

Geek Squad was formed in 1994 and acts asLeading company in the repair and solution of computer and electronics problems.πŸ‡§πŸ‡· Workers looking for highly specialized technology positions or general customer service employment can show an active interest in available positions.

What do Geek Squad employees do?

Geek Squad AgentsTroubleshooting and repairing problems with computers and other consumer electronicssuch as home cinema and automotive technology equipment. ...You can find Geek Squad agent jobs at Best Buy retail stores, field offices, and tech repair centers.

What is a Geek Squad Double Agent?

The double agent travels to the customer's homeSupply, integrate, network and/or repair consumer electronics and large devicesand consulting and technical support for customers.

How do I join the Geek Squad?

you gotta geta bachelor's or master's degreeto become a Geek Squad agent. Although it's possible to land this job with just a GED or high school diploma. However, you must have good interaction, evaluation and technical skills.

How much do geeks charge an hour?

Geeks2u:$158 per hour (residential)+ $49 same-day service charge, additional $50 for business customers.

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What is the Best Buy 1 800 number?

(888) 237-8289

Want to compare Geek Squad Protection?

If you have absolutely no troubleshooting skills, a Geek SquadThe plan can be betterfor you, especially if you are a power user who depends entirely on your computer for work or other purposes. I wouldn't buy a tablet plan unless you're buying the high-end devices.

What do I need to know to become a Geek Squad Consultation Agent?

  • Experience working with and learning about customer electronics.
  • Ability to work successfully in a team.
  • Ability to prioritize and multitask in a fast-paced environment.
  • Ability to work flexible hours including holidays, evenings and weekends.

How do I become a member of the Best Buy Geek Squad?

Those who want to work as home technicians have to beat least 21 years oldand have a valid driver's license and clean driving record, and the ability to lift up to 75 pounds individually and 150 pounds as part of a team.

What is the best buy for a customer experience advisor?

Best Buy consultant attendsempowers clients with relationship skills and inspires them to see what is possible with technologyπŸ‡§πŸ‡· In addition, they build quality relationships with clients and clients that make them feel excited, confident and valued while providing relevant and memorable solutions.

Is Best Buy a good company to work with?

We landed at number 39 and areThird among retailersπŸ‡§πŸ‡· Best Buy ranked ninth on Indeed's Retail Only List in 2018. … β€œBasically, when employees are happy at work, they can better serve our customers, which in turn increases business performance.” πŸ‡§πŸ‡·

Do Best Buy agents receive a commission?

Best Buy employees do not earn direct sales commissionsπŸ‡§πŸ‡· We enjoy a generous short-term incentive based on business performance but not directly related to our own performance. The value is calculated based on many different factors such as position and our performance.

How much does a Best Buy employee make per year?

The average Best Buy employee earns an annual salary of$42,073 per year, but different jobs can generate drastically different salaries.

What Happens in a Geek Squad Interview?

During the Geek Squad process interview, employers will want to knowHow do you respond to supervision?πŸ‡§πŸ‡· They want to know if you have authority issues, if you are good at working in a group (see previous question) and if you follow instructions well, etc.

Is Best Buy a Good First Job?

Best Buy was a good entry-level jobIt doesn't matter how much technical experience you have. You will meet a lot of cool people and the discounts are a bonus too! Lots of training to do basic work.

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What do computer scientists do?

Self-employed computer technicians, sometimes referred to as computer support specialists, install, maintain, and repair computer hardware and software for their customers. In short, computer technicianFix and analyze user problems and implement solutions.

How much does Geek Squad make in California?

annual salaryhourly wage
Top Winner115.023 $55 $
75th percentile42.273 $$20
Average41.470 $$20
25th percentile$ 28.01813 $

What is the Best Buy employee discount?

Best Buy's standard employee discount isCosts + 5 %.

Is Geek Squad owned by Best Buy?

Geek Squad und Best Buy

E 2002, Geek Squadbecame part of Best Buy, and together we provide millions of customers with competent and reliable service.

What is the Geek Squad 800 number?

(800) 433-5778

Does Geek Squad help with software problems?

Geek Squad technical support includes help with spyware and virus removal, software installation, and general computer troubleshooting..

Who owns Geeks 2 U?

Officeworks, owned by Wesfarmers, buys tech support provider Geeks2U. Office supplies retailer Officeworks, owned by the Australian companyWesfarmers Ltda., announced on March 1 that it had acquired technology and communications services provider Geeks2U.

Who started Geeks2U?

About Geeks2U:

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Founded in Sydney in 2005 byDavid and Michael Hancock, Geeks2U is Australia's leading provider of on-site PC repair and IT support to homes and businesses in Australia.

Who owns BestBuy?

Industryretail trade
key peopleHubert Joly (CEO) Corie Barry (CEO) Mike Mohan (President and COO)
ProductsHousehold appliances, decorative plumbing
ServicesFinancing, delivery, transport, technical support, home advice
Paterbest buy

Who Owns Best Buy Now?

Ricardo m Schulze

Which state has the most Best Buy stores?

The state with the most Best Buy stores in the US isCalifornia, with 143 locations, which is 13% of all Best Buy locations in the United States.

Why is the extended warranty a waste of money?

Extended warranties are rarely worth your money.Products don't break on their own, and when they do break, the repair price is often less than what you would pay for an extended warranty.πŸ‡§πŸ‡· ... In most cases, it's better to skip the extended warranty and build an emergency fund with the extra money.

What Does Dave Ramsey Say About Extended Warranties?

β€žThe fact is, extended warranties are very expensive. That's why people sell them because they bundle them into commissions.says money expert and radio host Dave Ramsey. β€œI never recommend buying an extended warranty.

Is Geek Squad Protection transferrable?

Sim,Geek Squad Protection Plans are transferrableπŸ‡§πŸ‡· If you are selling your product or buying something as a gift, the plan will fit! No additional fees are required; Just click here to find out how to contact us. When you call, please include the name of the person you are transferring the plan to.


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