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You could just load up the truck with scrap, drive to the nearest scrap yard and cross your fingers to get a fair price, but how can you be sure you're getting the best price for your welding capital?

Firstly, you should use our handy nearby junkyard finder, secondly, find out the current metal types and prices, and thirdly, collect all the good quality scrap metal you can find and go for the iron -old site.

PS Always be ready to haggle.

Scrap Metal Finder Near Me & Metal Prices [2023 Guide] • Smart Budget Manager (1)

Highest paid junkyard near me

Use the zip code search below to find junkyards near you. Your search results will be displayed on Google Maps.

TIP: You may need to enable pop-up windows to display the maps.

Scrap Metal Finder Near Me & Metal Prices [2023 Guide] • Smart Budget Manager (2)

2022 Scrap Prices

See table below for 2022 scrap prices (*national average updated 7/5/22).

Download theiScrap appfor the latest prices, as prices change frequently.

insulated copper wire$0.80/stop
#2 copper tube$ 2,40/kg
light iron120,00 $/ton
dose of aluminumUS$ 0,43/saldo
cast iron$ 200,00/ton
bright bare copper$2.85/layover
electric motors (aluminum)US$ 0,18/saldo
electric motors (copper)$0.15/stop
complete car$ 135,00/ton
brass plumbing$1.75/layover
Batteries for cars/trucks$0.13/stop
dry clothes100,00 $/ton
dishwasher130,00 $/ton
non magnetic stainless steelUS$ 0,30/saldo
computer cableUS$ 0,30/saldo
aluminum panels$0.42/stop
E-Scrap (usually priced as light iron)120,00 $/ton

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What is scrap?

Scrap metal simply consists of products made from scrap metals, metallic materials, and any product that can be recycled as a result of the product's previous use or manufacture.

When most people think of scrap metal, they think of piles of scrap metal, discarded building materials or aluminum cans.

And while these materials are all junk, it's important to realize that not all junk is of equal value.

There are three main types of scrap: ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and electronic waste.

Non-ferrous metals such as copper, brass, aluminum, zinc, magnesium, tin, lead and nickel are the most valuable scraps for recycling.

How does a junkyard work?

The scrap yards function as scrap recycling centers. They buy scrap from individuals and companies and pay by the pound for scrap.

The amount that scrap dealers pay depends on the type of scrap they buy.

For example, scrap yards pay more for scrap that is out of stock, such as aluminum scrap and copper wire.

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How to sell junk for money

  1. Before going to the scrapyard, identify, sort and prepare your metal.
  2. Call the junkyard and compare current prices (negotiate if necessary).
  3. Upon arrival at the scrapyard, lift your vehicle/trailer onto the boarding ladder (pressure).
  4. Workers will use a magnetic hoist (to separate ferrous from non-ferrous metals) or a forklift truck to remove metal from the truck bed or flat bed.
  5. Show your ID, sign some documents and get paid by check or local ATMs.

Scrap Metal Finder Near Me & Metal Prices [2023 Guide] • Smart Budget Manager (3)

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Scrap Metal Finder Near Me & Metal Prices [2023 Guide] • Smart Budget Manager (4)

Factors influencing scrap price

Three factors that affect the scrap price are the type, weight and demand for metals.

The type of scrap is the most important factor to consider, as some metals are scarce and more difficult to produce.

Scrap weight is important because it affects how much money scrap yards pay for each kilogram of scrap. For example, junkyards pay less for a pound of tin scrap than they do for a pound of copper scrap.

Scrap prices fluctuate constantly according to general supply and demand. The greater the demand for a given metal, the higher the scrap price.

Scrap yards generally publish a scrap price list that customers can refer to for current scrap prices.

Scrap Items You Can Sell at a Junkyard

As mentioned above, there are 3 main types of scrap metal.

  1. non-ferrous-Metals and alloys not containing iron
  2. Eisen-In the year of ferrosa.
  3. junk mail- Recyclable electronic materials

Although non-ferrous metals are considered to be the most valuable metals, if you are willing to put in some time and effort, you can also make money selling scrap metal and electronics.



To use




used in wiring, heating systems, refrigerant lines, hot and cold water lines



Locks, hinges, gears, ammo boxes, valves, horns, bells



Cans, films, kitchen utensils, window frames, coatings



Coating other metals to prevent corrosion, such as B. in cans

cast iron


Pots and pans, boat anchor

wrought iron


Pipes, fences, screws, chains



Building structures, tools, cars, gadgets, weapons

hard disk

junk mail

Magnetic storage device for a computer

cell phones

junk mail

complete device

CPU chips

junk mail

computer brain

The best things money can throw away

If you want to make money recycling metal, remember that some substances are worth more than others. Also, values ​​often vary, so what you got before may not be the same as what you get today.

The best metals to scrap for cash are copper, brass and aluminum.

The most expensive (and most desirable) scrap is copper.

Before you throw that can away, see how much money you could make selling it (and your friends) at your local junkyard.

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Difference between ferrous and non-ferrous metals

Ferrous metals are less valuable to metal recyclers, but they can still make a profit if you have enough of them. Metals like iron and steel belong to this group.

Non-ferrous metals are the most valuable recyclable metals, with copper, brass, aluminum, zinc, magnesium, tin, lead and nickel being the most popular.

The amount you can earn from recycling depends on what kind of scrap metal you have and how much you have.

PROFITIPP: When a magnet sticks to metal, it is ferrous and therefore less valuable as scrap metal.

Here are the 3 Most Valuable Metals (NF) to keep in mind for your next home improvement or gardening project:

1. Aluminum

Aluminum has a high resale value, particularly aluminum beverage cans, as it can be easily dented into packaging. While you might think all the hassle of recycling isn't worth it, remember that by recycling just 6 aluminum cans, you'll earn enough money to buy 1 cup of soda... It's worth it!

Aluminum can be found in:

  • metal panels
  • cans
  • car parts
  • Appliances (big and small)
  • Aluminum Sheet / Scales
  • cycles

2. Mess

Along with aluminum, brass is one of the best selling scrap metal... It contains both copper and zinc, making it a great substitute for brass, so remember to check your recycling bin the next time you're looking for brass! ! And to make things even easier, brass cutlery also comes in a variety of shapes. That includes:

  • accessories
  • radiator
  • ammo cartridges
  • doorknobs and hinges
  • doorknobs and railings
  • bed frames
  • Lamps

3. Copper tube and fittings

Copper has become more and more popular in recent years, and therefore its price has increased a lot.

Copper piping is an excellent source of recycling. Pipes are among the most popular metal items for recycling because they are easy to transport and collect. It's also easy to cut into pieces, making it perfect for resale.

Some common household items that contain copper are televisions, computer towers and monitors, refrigerators, stoves, toasters, water heater storage tanks, Christmas lights (wiring) and, of course, pipes and plumbing.

Scrap Metal Finder Near Me & Metal Prices [2023 Guide] • Smart Budget Manager (15)

Tips for getting more money for your scrap metal

NEVER show up at the nearest junkyard with a random bucket (or truck) of scrap metal and accept the first price they offer.

There are two important tips when it comes to selling junk:

  1. Be prepared to do some work ahead of time.
  2. Get ready to haggle.

Sort your metal by type and place it in labeled boxes. If you skip this important step, the scrapyard will pay based on the less valuable metal in the barrel (blend). You can lose hundreds of dollars.

Find out what the current scrap price is and, if possible, wait for prices to rise. So when you show up at the junkyard, be prepared to negotiate (within reason) for the best pay for your junk.

Not all local trash stores pay the same amount for trash. In fact, you may find that smaller scrap yards offer more bang for your buck than larger scrap yards.

Junkyard near me FAQ

Are magnets worth money?

Magnets are generally used for distinguishing between metals, not for making banks.

Magnets are generally useless unless they are rare earth magnets, but even then junkyards only buy them from complete devices. If you have a scrap yard nearby, you can always call them to see if they buy scrap metal with magnets attached.

How much is a trash dryer worth?

Since useless washers and dryers are priced based on unit weight, you can expect to win between them on average.$8-10 for a 100lb dryer.

However, the price of scrap metal can vary greatly depending on which junkyard you take your dryer to. For example, junkyards in larger cities like Chicago and Los Angeles generally pay higher rates than junkyards in smaller rural communities.

Which devices have the most copper?

When it comes to finding equipment that contains the most scrap copper, you should look for the oldest equipment you can find. This is because older devices are more likely to contain copper wiring.

You can remove copper coils from older refrigerators, air conditioners, washers and dryers and copper cables from older ovens, washers and dryers. Just be sure to get professional help disassembling freon-containing equipment.

Is steel worth money?

Stainless steel costs good money, but ordinary steel is generally not worth discarding, as it is the least profitable scrap metal. Most scrap yards will pay between $0.05 and $0.05 per pound of steel scrap, which is not very high compared to other scrap metals like copper and aluminum.

What is the difference between a junkyard and a junkyard?

A junkyard and a junkyard are two different businesses.

The most significant difference between the two is that junkyards recycle metals and electronics for cash. While junkyards accept cars, junkyards are dedicated to dismantling vehicles and reselling those parts.

This means you can get a better price at a junkyard than if you take it to a junkyard.

What is scrap?

E-scrap is the recycling of electronic waste, such as computer towers, cell phones and DVD players. It is important to note that not all junkyards accept electronic waste.

What do I need to remove before disposing of electrical equipment?

Appliances can generally be shipped as-is, with the exception of anything that has a refrigeration system (fridges, freezers, and air conditioners). Most (but not all) shipyards require compressors to be removed from shipyards and the freon drained.

To maximize your gains, you should at least remove and open the compressors to get the copper windings. Also cut the power cables (with copper wires) and dispose of them separately.

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