Skyrim: how to quickly improve enchantment (2023)

Enchanting is probably the most broken ability of all.Skyrim. When given proper attention and brought to level 100, enchantment has the ability to completely nullify incoming damage, completely erase Magicka charges, massively increase other abilities, and break in other ways.Skyrimin all playstyles.

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It's a skill that almost all players will find incredibly useful, butdoesn't start strongabsolute. To get these magical game endings, you need to reach the maximum skill level. Reaching level 100 in Enchanting is tedious, but worth conjuring and maxing out boosts to get there.

Stack XP increases as much as possible

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  • A magical stone: 20% bonus on all wizard-related skills, including enchantment. Use with Ethereal Crown Lover's Stone for a 35% bonus.
  • stone lover: 15% bonus on all skills. Use with Mage Stone and Ethereal Crown for a 35% bonus.
  • Ahzidal's armor set: 10% enchantment bonus if the whole set is equipped. Acquired in Solsheim.
  • Other sources: Custom enchanted gear, potions, passive sorcery seeker (black book: yellow regent)

Resources for XP boosts are fewSkyrim,being the most important of Standing Stones. nice benefitsWizard Stone, which gives a 20% increase in XP gain for Magick-related skills, as welllover's stone, which increases the XP gain for all skills by 15%.

Players can also useEthereal Crown for stacking these two Standing Stone bonusesin one: an effective 35% increase in Magick-related skills.Ahzidal's armor, found in Solstheim, increases the enchantment by 10% whenthe complete set is equipped(although players must invest a large amount of gold to fully unlock Kolbjorn Barrow).

Conjure up everything you don't want to equip

The quickest and most convenient way to level up Quick Enchant is to use magicanything you don't use- This meansat. Disillusionment not only grants massive XP XP, but also allows the player to cast that spell into new gear.

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While it would be nice to have memorable weapons or unique items on display, you may want to see its effect on other pieces of equipment as well. If the weapon cannot be disenchanted, it means that the player already knows the effect or simply cannot be disenchanted. This gives multiple levels of enchantment at once on low levels.

Visit the nice trainer once per level

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Sergio Turriano




College of Winterhold

Dibella Temple, Markart

Tel Mithryn, Solstheim

Maks Razina

level 75

level 90

level 90

Players of all levels can turn to coachespay five times money for skill training. It's a good idea to continuously train Enchanting as you level up to get the most out of this system, as you don't accumulate unused practice slots after leveling up. This means that players of any level can increase their enchantment ability by 5 as long as they have gold.

There are only a few Charming trainers in Skyrim, but the easiest to find is Sergius Turrianus from the College of Winterhold. However, he can only train players up to level 75 Enchanting, after which Neloth in Solstheim or Hamal in the Dibelle Temple in Markarth can train up to level 90.

The soul captures everything (and guards the treasure trove of soul gems)

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jewel of the soul




Greater than



maximum level

Up to level 4

Up to level 16

Up to level 28

doe 38

All non-humanoid souls

any soul

A wizard's best friend is the Soul Gem, as it can be used for both enchantment and recharging spent enchantments on worn weapons. Everything from Petty Soul Gems to Black Soul Gems can be used to bring properties into gear. Charge the weapon spelldoes not contributeUnfortunately a wonderful power. However, they weigh next to nothing and must be looted at every opportunity.

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The Soul Trap spell is cheap, but using the Soul Trap spell on your weapon of choice is much more effective for regularly regenerating soul gems. The best part is if you don't use them all on the Arcane Enchanter, the filled Soul Gems can sell for much, much more than their empty counterparts.

Cultivating any type of soul gem

All non-unique Soul Gems can be farmed in the world, by visiting certain locations or killing certain enemies. Dwarven automatons, hostile (and actually friendly) mages, and other spell-using enemies have the chance to drop different levels of soul gems. As you level up, the soul gems that fall become more and more powerful.

All soul gems can also be bought from Skyrim sellers, although they are extremely expensive and some can be looted when you become an Archmage. The two unique soul gems, the Black Star and Azure's Star, function as a reusable Black Soul Gem and Great Soul Gem and can only be obtained as part of Azure's Daedric questline.

Soul Cultivation for each Soul Gem

jewel of the soul




Greater than



types of enemies

Common animals (wolf, crab, deer, etc.)

Strong animals (bear, saber-tooth, etc.)

Powerful non-humans (trolls, giant spiders, etc.)

Great Inhumans (Giants, Atronasi, etc.)

Huge non-humans (dragons, mammoths, etc.)

All humanoid settlements (forts, outposts, cities, etc.)

The key to quickly leveling up your enchantment is to collect as many souls as possible and replenish as many soul gems as possible before returning to the enchantment table. There are places where you can generate other types of souls better than others, although it mainly depends on your level; For example, don't wander the desert if you need to refill a Black Soul gem.

It's important to note that if you don't have the right Soul Gem for a particular enemy, their captured Soul will fill a higher level Soul Gem. Don't hunt wolves in the soul trap if you only have large soul gems in your inventory, as it will be a large soul gem with a small soul in it, making it pretty useless.

Enchant every base item you can loot or buy

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The spell requires three things: a soul jewel, a chosen spell, and a piece of equipment to cast the spell on. It's very easy to miss basic unenchanted gear while exploring dungeons, but if you want to level up to Enchanting as quickly as possible, plan to make room for some of these basic weapons and armor.

The lighter the item, the better, as the XP you get from enchanting an item depends more on the power of the enchantment than the power of the item. As such, daggers, short swords, helmets, boots, and bracelets are usually the best items to buy, as they take up little inventory space and can be refilled.with various tools(and valuable) bonuses.

Don't read any skill books until you've reached spell level 90

Skyrim: how to quickly improve enchantment (6)

Opthe most important thing to doWhen you can level up Enchanting effectively, you absolutely shouldn't read any book on enchantment skills until you learn nothing else from the trainer. At level 90, no trainer in Skyrim can teach you anything new about spells. Until then, avoid reading these books.

  • tragedy in black
  • Armor Enchantment Catalog
  • Weapon Enchantment Catalog
  • The Wizard's Handbook
  • twin secrets
  • infinite ohms

Oghma Infinium is unique in that it can only be read after completing "Discerning the Transmundane" and offers 5 levels for different skills chosen by the player. Read this as soon as possible by reaching level 90 enchantment to reach level 95. Then find the remaining five skill books as you progress.

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