Skyrim: The Complete Guide to Alchemy (2023)

Let's be honest. It takes a long time to master alchemy.The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. Like Smithing, the Alchemy skill requires patience that not all players are willing to expend. Discovering recipes and locating and collecting ingredients is necessary before you start brewing.


However, for players who keep practicing, alchemy can be extremely useful. Deadly toxins can destroy some enemies in seconds. Recovery potions can keep the Dragonborns in peak condition at all times. With the right guidance and information you can make the most of itAlchemy skills can be mastered in a short time.

Updated by Mark Hospodar on May 11, 2022:You're running out of things to doSkyrimThis is not a typical problem. The game is huge and also backed by a colossal modding community that has extended the life of the RPG for over a decade. Now that the Anniversary Edition has been released, players have the most complete version of Skyrim yet.

There's never been a better time to revisit the Dragonborn's familiar alchemy lab. The aforementioned Anniversary Edition includes all Creation Club content, including dozens of new ingredients that can be used to craft beneficial potions and deadly poisons. ThisAlchemy Guide to Skyrimhas expanded to include a selection of potions (and their ingredients) that may be useful to players unfamiliar with alchemy.

10 Quarries and stones

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Choose a careerThe Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimIt's an important choice, at least to some extent. Nothing will be lost by choosing a race that is not amenable to alchemy. It just means that the player will have to work a little harder in terms of leveling up. varieties whichdobenefit from alchemy+5 skill bonusInvolving:

  • Bosmer
  • Breton
  • dunmer
  • Khajiita

Regardless of race, the alchemy skill can also benefit from several benefitsThe blessings of the Standing Stone spread across Skyrim. Specifically, there are two standing stones that directly affect the alchemy skill, and they are:

  • lopovski kamen– All stealth skills (including alchemy) improve 20% faster
  • lover's stone– All skills improve 15% faster

Players determined to level up their Alchemy ability as soon as possible should definitely consider leveling up Thief's Stone. On the other hand, those looking for a more balanced experience can opt for the Lover's Stone, which has influenceatskills in a player's repertoire.

9 Eat all the ingredients you can find...seriously

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The first step towards 100 in the Alchemy skill is figuring out what each ingredient actually does. The easiest (and disgusting) way to do it iseat every ingredientthe player has been found. Eating an ingredient for the first time.slightly increases alchemy skill. Including all DLC and Creation Club content, that makes itA total of 182 ingredientsin the game.

The biggest advantage is that, once consumed,One of the ingredient's four hidden properties has been revealed.. This gives an indication of what type of drink the ingredient can be useful in preparing the mix. By choosingbenefit of the experimenterulevel 50in the alchemy skill tree it also unlocks an extra ability on each rank when something is consumed. So if it's edible, take a bite of it!

8 Experiment and find recipes

Once the player has tasted and collected a diverse set of ingredients, it's time to start practicing. There are two ways a budding alchemist can get started without visiting a trainer:experiencedGfind/use recipes. Both options have their pros and cons. Realistically, players will use both methods on their way to 100.

Experimenting: the old way

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Experimentation impliesgrind at least two ingredients in the alchemy lab. If they are not compatible, nothing will happen. A successful combination results in a potion whose effects stem from the ingredients used.

Therefore, experiments will continually reveal all four properties of an ingredient. The disadvantage of this method is that experimentation is a time-consuming process. It is also worth reiterating that if players mix incompatible ingredients,nothing is produced, leading to wasted material.

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Using Recipes: A Guided Method

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Recipes, on the other hand, take the guesswork out of it. Players have to get used to looting everything they find, as enemies sometimes drop valuable recipes. Alchemists also sell them in their shops, so that's usually a good idea.Buy as much as possible at the beginning of the game..

This way, players get a little more guidance in terms of what to look out for when traveling through the wilderness. The fact that a retailer sells a recipe does not mean that they also supply the necessary ingredients. Often,Players will still have to work hard to collect what they need..

7 softening and effects

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Aside from eating ingredients for the first time, most of the player's Alchemy experience comes from brewing potions. In concrete terms: the more valuable the drink, the more experience you get. A particularly valuable Fortify Health potion can be prepared by combiningbear claws+hanging moss+giant finger.

It is also important to note that homemade potions and toxins sometimes combine positive and negative effects. Always read the description of what a potion does before using it in combat, just in case. HeThe advantage of cleanlinessYou can remove this issue after the Alchemy ability is maxed out.

Effective alchemical leveling

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How manyThe more valuable the potion/poison, the greater the skill gain will be.. Happy, insideSkyrim: Anniversary Edition, the player is not short of options when it comes to Alchemy ingredients.Water breathing potionsthey are usually very valuable and can significantly increase the fan's alchemy skill. One of these combinations may includemushroom stem+The essence of emptiness+salmon roe.

OpAnniversary editionIt features dozens of new ingredients, many of which come from Rare Curios CC content. This, along with the ability to fish properly, opens up many additional opportunities for collecting ingredients and implementing them in the Alchemy Lab. For example, new effects such as Night Eye and Spell Absorption can now be obtained through Alchemy.

6 books on alchemical skills

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Certain books provide a quick and easy way to increase your skill level by one. It's therecincoThere are alchemy skill books in the game and multiple copies in different locations. Knowing where to find them is half the battle. Here are some of the most appropriate locations for each of the books:

  • Game with dinner– Inside the new Gnisis Cornerclub in Windhelm
  • From Direnny's stuff– Trgovina Grave Concoctions u Falkreathu
  • Skyrim Herb Guide– Arcadian Cauldron in Whiterun
  • Mannimarco, king of worms– Evergreen Grove in Falkreath on top of the stone altar
  • song of the alchemist– Anise's cottage in Falkreath next to the bed.

5 mission rewards

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Sometimes completing a mission does not yield gold. The most learned NPCs will pass on some of their knowledge to the Dragonborn to show their gratitude. These free skill boosts are always useful and Alchemy is no exception. These are the NPCs that will grant the Alchemy Skill Augment after completing the related quest:

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  • Lami, an apothecary in Morthal– Bring him a copy of the book "Song of the Alchemist".
  • Frida, a pharmacist in Dawnstar– Get a Ring of Pure Blends from any dungeon.
  • Inge Six Fingers, professor at Bards College– Complete the mission "Fin's Lute"
  • infinite ohms– Complete the quest "Distinguishing the Transmundane" and read Path of Shadows.

4 Useful potions for different buildings

Skyrim: The Complete Guide to Alchemy (10)

Regardless of a player's constitution, potions will be consumed at some point. However, not all potions in the game are tailored to the player's needs. Depending on the play style of each of them, certain potions should take precedence over others. The following beers will be useful for each of themSkyrimto build:Warriors,wizards, GThieves/Killers.

It's worth noting that the suggested ingredients in each of the following drinks are just the tip of the iceberg. Several other ingredients can be combined to achieve the same result. The materials listed with each potion are common ingredients that players shouldn't have much trouble finding, which may come in handy for players who haven't prioritized Alchemy before. Alternatives in the form of proposals.Creation Club Ingredients/DLCare also given.

Useful potions for warriors (and suggested ingredients)

  • Increase transport weight:Creep Cluster + River Betty (Coda Flowers, Kagouti Skins, Marshmerrows, and Wormhead Caps are also recommended)
  • Can be attached with one hand:Canis root + hanging moss (hearts and stone petals are also recommended)
  • Determination with two hands:Dragon's Tongue + Fly Amanita (Hearts of Order are also recommended)
  • Strengthen Archery:Canis root + juniper berries (cork bulb roots are also recommended)
  • restore health:Butterfly wings + wheat (ragweed is also recommended)

Helpful Wizard Potions (and Suggested Ingredients)

  • Amplify the destruction:Glowing Mushroom + Hive Shell (Comberries and Daedra Venin are also recommended)
  • Strengthen the spell:Blue Butterfly Wing + Blue Mountain Flower (preporučuju se i Frozen Putrescentie i Sload Soap)
  • Reinforce the change:River Betty + Spriggan Sap (prepared for Blind Watcher Eyes, Screaming Maws and Sload Soap)
  • Strengthen the illusion:Dwarf oil + Taproot (Watcher's Eyes are also recommended)
  • Consolidate the recovery:Salt Bunch + Abecean Longfin (Hackle-Lo Leaves and Yellow Mountain Flowers are also recommended)
  • Restore magic:Red Mountain Flower + White Cap (Elytra Ichor, blister capsules and liqueur are also recommended)

Handy Thief/Killer Potions (and Recommended Ingredients)

  • Boost Unlocks:Falmer's Ear + Namira's Rot (Wormhead Caps are also recommended)
  • Stimulate stealth:Purple Mountain Flower + Beehive Shell (Kresh Fibers and Roobrushes are also recommended)
  • Turn on the pickpocket:Dartwing Orange + Beef Fish Egg (Kresh fiber is also recommended)
  • Recover Stamina:Stink bug thorax + pine cone eggs (screech and woodpecker are also recommended)

3 useful benefits

Skyrim: The Complete Guide to Alchemy (11)

The benefits offer great benefits, butchoosing the right one is important. Players only get one extra point after leveling up, so choosing wisely when it comes to Alchemy is imperative. Obviously everyone has a different style of play, but these perks are generally useful for any alchemist:

  • Experimenter (3 levels)– Eating an ingredient reveals the first two, three and then all effects.
  • Arts– Potions you mix that restore health, magic or stamina are 25% more powerful.
  • Benefactor– Potions you mix with beneficial effects have 25% more extra size.
  • poisoner– Toxins you mix are 25% more effective
  • Alchemist (5 levels)– The potions and toxins you make are 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and then twice as strong.

As mentioned earlier,ExperimentatorAn improvement can be extremely helpful, especially if there are many ingredient properties that the player has yet to learn. HeArtsGBenefactorPerks make recovery potions more effective.

poisoner, as the name suggests, makes the Dragonborn's venom more deadly. Finally, you take each range ofAlchemistAn improvement is highly recommended to make players' potions more powerful.

2 Alchemy goes well with sorcery

Skyrim: The Complete Guide to Alchemy (12)

It's important to remember that enchanting goes far beyond just improving the player's martial skills. Alchemy spells can also be placed on clothing. HeStrengthen the alchemyEnchantment can help improve the player's skills, allowing him to create more powerful potions and poisons.

The power of the spell depends on the player's ability to cast spells. So the benefits can vary from small to large. To get the most out of your drinks, it's definitely worth investing some money.practice time for games. Some reward items, powers, and artifacts already have spells that aid alchemy, including:

  • Muiri's ring– Created potions are 15% more powerful.
  • Prsten Pure Blends– Created potions are 12% more powerful.
  • intersection– Unlocking, archery and alchemy are 20% better
  • Seeker of shadow forces– Stealth skills are 10% more effective (after reading the Black Book "Sallow Regent")

1 important coaches

Skyrim: The Complete Guide to Alchemy (13)

When practice and experimentation becomes too much,there is always training. While it will become expensive in gold over time, training is the easiest method to quickly level up Alchemy. Four trainers are ready to offer their services, each with their own level of expertise:

  • It's delicious-Official trainer in Morthal
  • Arcadia-Professional trainer in Whiterun
  • Milore Ienth-Professional trainer at Raven Rock
  • item- The head coach in the Sanctuary of the Brotherhood.
  • Unlocking the best trainer,item, eisenjoin the Dark Brotherhood faction.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Anniversary EditionIt is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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