The King's Avatar - Chapter 924: Apathetic - Complete Webnovel (2023)

The cameras focused on Huang Shaotian. Everyone in the audience could see him on the screens above. The crowd immediately erupted into an even bigger uproar. Countless Tiny Herb fans started screaming and whistling, raising Liu Xiaobie's challenge to Huang Shaotian.

On the screen, a teammate nudged Huang Shaotian and pointed at the screen. Huang Shaotian smiled and waved his hands at the cameras.

The crowd roared. This guy probably didn't know what was going on, right? Didn't see the previous game?

Huang Shaotian was very confused by the crowd's reaction until the teammate beside him said a few words to him. He suddenly understood what had happened and smiled looking at the camera. He kept smiling.

The cameras couldn't focus on Huang Shaotian all the time! It looked like he didn't care, so the cameras turned away in disappointment. The moment the cameras pulled away, Huang Shaotian's two hands shot out quickly and showed Liu Xiaobie the middle finger.

"Ah! Hurry up and come back!" The concert manager shouted violently.

Cameras quickly turned to Huang Shaotian. Everyone who watched All-Star Weekend saw Huang Shaotian smile once more. His smile was no different than before. They were all confused. Was it the creek?

"This guy is really smart!" The director felt very depressed. Dating someone was pretty rude. If the live broadcast caught on, Huang Shaotian would certainly be fined by the alliance, but in his current situation, as long as no one reported this incident, even if the alliance knew about it, they would turn a blind eye.

Without the cameras on him, few could see him point the middle finger. This was the Tiny Herb team stadium, so it was packed with Tiny Herb team fans. When they saw it, they raised a ruckus and made a little noise. Those who didn't know what was going on were very confused and of course asked others about it. As a result, word spread that Huang Shaotian gave Liu Xiaobei the middle finger, and the tumult in the stadium grew stronger like a rising wave. When the next rookie challenge would take place was of no interest to anyone at the time.

The broadcast commentator was still commenting carefully on the upcoming Rookie Challenge match, but his heart was so suffocated that it hurt. Such a magnificent scene really escaped the cameras! What happened on stage was very common. It was a show where the younger generation paid tribute to the older generation. In the end, the Elder God won. He gave the younger one a word of encouragement and the younger one expressed that he would take this opportunity to learn from the older one...

“How annoying…” The commentator was about to fall asleep, but even though he was bitter inside, he only managed to falsely cheer up and speak very emotionally about his admiration for this match.

The broadcast crew was the most grumpy of all on the first day of All Stars. There was such big, juicy footage, but the cameras didn't catch the crime scene. In hindsight, several actions could have been taken. For example, they could have talked to the Alliance to see if they could give Liu Xiaobie special powers to pose a challenge. It was the All Stars anyway. The games were just for fun, so more Easter eggs wouldn't hurt.

Unfortunately, it all came to a head later. The event had lost its immediate value. It could only be embellished into a good report afterwards. Various titles such as "The Challenge of the New Generation" quickly entered the minds of many reporters.

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A large amount of material was delivered during the subsequent Rookie Challenge.

Zhao Yuzhe of Team Wind Howl challenged Chu Yunxiu of Team Misty Rain. When asked about the reason for the challenge, his answer was: I want to be the number one elementalist.

"Kids these days have so much energy!" Ye Xiu sighed.

Zhao Yuzhe wasn't as brazen as Tang Hao last year, who claimed that Junior would succeed Senior, but the intention behind his words was very obvious.

"Great! How ambitious!" The host shouted loudly, “Then please welcome Team Misty Rain captain Chu Yunxiu to the stage!”

Amid applause, the commentator took the opportunity to talk about the matter, "I'm sure everyone still remembers last year's rookie challenge, two-year veteran Tang Hao surprised everyone with a 'junior senior' and defeated in the end . for Lin. Jingyan , not only replaced him in name, but also in reality as the number one fighter. He joined Team Wind Howl this summer and replaced Lin Jingyan. Now let's see Zhao Yuzhe. He is also from Team Wind Howl and teammate of Tang Hao. Could his challenge have been affected by the change of Tang Hao last year? Zhao Yuzhe continued to show spectacular performances this season after winning the Best Rookie award last year. His position in The Wind Howl team he's stable and his team's performances have also been impressive. He's a player with a bright future!"

During this introduction, Chu Yunxiu had already descended from his seat onto the stage.

There weren't many professional players in Glory. Only Chu Yunxiu and Su Mucheng managed to make the All-Star roster. Su Mucheng was ineligible for All Stars that year due to relegation from Excellent Era. Chu Yunxiu was the only player among the 24 All Stars at the time.

Chu Yunxiu was also from the Golden Generation. She was a professional player for many years and took on the role of team captain. It wasn't easy to make him lose his temper. As the cameras zoomed in on her, she didn't seem to have any particular reaction to Zhao Yuzhe's blunt challenge. He shook hands with Zhao Yuzhe and received a few questions from the host. Everything looked normal. The hostess had bad intentions and wanted to deepen the conflict, but she easily neutralized all his attempts.

What depresses!

The broadcast team felt suffocated again.

When Liu Xiaobie pointed his sword at Huang Shaotian, it looked like a storm was brewing. A black cloud rolled in and then nothing happened. This time, Chu Yunxiu's composure made Zhao Yuzhe's challenge, which was already less egregious than Tang Hao's challenge last year, seem even more like a stick finding cotton.

Why? Why didn't this year's Rookie Challenge bring out the best performances?

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The broadcast team was quite depressed. They forgot that previous rookie challenges were rarely ups and downs. It's just that there were several very unusual and significant challenges back-to-back last year that raised expectations for this year's Rookie Challenge.

This year, Liu Xiaobie's challenge to level his sword against Huang Shaotian and Zhao Yuzhe to take first place was exciting enough, but it cannot be compared to last year.

"Mm, both sides are ready. The match will start soon. This match will be the same as the match with Lu Hanwen and Liu Xiaobie. Both sides will use their own professional characters. On the left side of the map was Zhao Yuzhe Fire's Howling. On the right side of the map is Chu Yunxiu's Windy Rain.Uh... Chu Yunxiu is the only player among the 24 All Stars this time around.She doesn't seem to have any particular reaction to this hostile challenge for her junior.” The commentator introduced the scenario .

"Haha, many of our viewers know very well that even in important games like the playoffs, Chu Yunxiu always remains so calm. This kind of attitude is not uncommon." words. Whenever it was an important game, Coach Li was always there. At an exciting event like All Star Weekend, guest commentator number one would certainly be there.

Those who used their heads would realize that their assessment of Chu Yunxiu actually contained some hidden implications. He criticized his lack of passion for the game, which is why he often fails to keep important games. It was one of the big problems that plagued Team Misty Rain.

After the start of the match, in the public chat, Zhao Yuzhe wrote a helpless expression: "Senior, I hope you take this match seriously!"

"Haha. I will." Chu Yunxiu responded out of courtesy.

"After a short chat conversation, the two sides grew closer," the commentator continued.

"Hm... everyone, look. Zhao Yuzhe's fire howl doesn't go directly to her. It takes a rather devious route. It looks like Zhao Yuzhe is taking this match very seriously..." Li Yibo said.

"Yeah... Using tactics to move is not common in All Stars, is it?", said the commentator.

"Actually. I remember last year neither Tang Hao nor Sun Xiang used any tactics to move. Instead, they simply clashed head-on with their opponents," said Li Yibo.

"Coach Li, what do you think this means?" asked the commentator.

"That... means that Zhao Yuzhe cares a lot about this match..." Li Yibo said as he looked at his co-host. Old friend, could you be a little more attentive? I was just saying that it looks like Zhao Yuzhe is serious about this game, but you asked me again. Are you testing my ability to express things differently?

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Zhao Yuzhe, using positioning tactics to move around, apparently didn't leave when Windy Rain appeared in his line of sight. Chu Yunxiu's experience was abundant. She immediately recognized that spot and decided to stand still and wait for Zhao Yuzhe's Howling Fire to come out.

"O... um, taking the initiative on the defensive. That's not a bad solution..." Li Yibo said.

The commentator wanted to kneel down and bow to Li Yibo. Everything he said had substance. Li Yibo's explanation for Chu Yunxiu's action was reasonable, but she really didn't care enough about this match, so she was probably too lazy to fight for the initiative against Zhao Yuzhe.

Chu Yunxiu's Windy Rain stayed there. Zhao Yuzhe's Howling Fire sneaked up on her from the side. A professional player shouldn't be robbed so easily. Even Zhao Yuzhe found it very boring. What a tragedy! His opponent just had to be that god. If he were someone else, his opponent wouldn't be so passive, right?

I think I'll end up fine... Seeing that Chu Yuzhe didn't seem interested in fighting seriously, Zhao Yuzhe decided to kill her with some good combos, but as soon as she started planning how she was going to proceed. As he did so, Windy Rain suddenly turned around. He pointed with his cane and took the first step.

"Huh?" The commentator had been listless the entire time, but now he was suddenly so stunned that he couldn't find the words.

"Chu Yunxiu attacks first! What a ferocious attack!" Li Yibo's head cleared, on stage, Windy Rain magic started one after another. A huge area of ​​effect explosion enveloped Zhao Yuzhe and put him in a dangerous situation.

“This… could it be that Chu Yunxiu's initial attitude was a trap?” The commentator was surprised. Seeing Chu Yunxiu's attack, it didn't seem like she didn't care about the match.

"Tsk tsk tsk." In the spectator seats, Ye Xiu clicked his tongue repeatedly.

"What is it?" Chen Guo asked.

"I heard that Chu Yunxiu is in a bad mood today." Ye Xiu said.

"Why?" Chen Guo said.

“It's probably because today is the last episode of 'My Unusual Girlfriend'… He must have lost…” Ye Xiu said.

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"HUH?!" Chen Guo didn't know how to describe his feelings.

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