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Here's how to find all the Gwent cards in The Witcher 3 without having to consult long tables and shuffle your deck to see what you already have.

Thanks to the release of The Witcher 3 on Nintendo Switch, you could already take the fun game Gwent with you anywhere, but now next-gen consoles and PC are getting a new patch that uses magic to take the massive game world to a new level. graphic heights. per beam. -Tracking. So it's even more fun to explore every nook and cranny to find every card in the four main decks.

The hardest quest in The Witcher 3 is arguablycollect them all, and it is our responsibility to include detailed instructions as part of ourThe Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Guia e passo a passo.

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Not that Gwent itself is particularly difficult (with our guide tohow to win in gwent, you will be successful in no time) is that it is very difficult to keep track of what you have and what you do not have, or to know in advance what to do so as not to miss unique opportunities .

Most "answers" to this problem give a list of all the cards in the game, sorted by faction, and vaguely describe where to find them. Matching these lists to your current Gwent deck is a pain because the cards are sorted in the deck menu and there are so many cards to miss that it can be painful to refer to this list late in the game.

Here's my suggested solution: a list of everything you need to do to collect each Gwent card. By following this guide, you too can experience the joy of Card Collector performance notification.

There are three ways to acquire Gwent cards, in addition to the ones you get at the start of the game: buy them from merchants, earn them during quests, and earn them during random games. Let's take a look at each one in turn.

1. Buy Gwent cards from merchants

To complete your Gwent collection, you must purchase all cards available in the Northern Kingdoms. This is the easiest way to collect cards, and CD Projekt RED fixed an issue with the Innkeeper of the White Orchard after many players were unable to obtain Gwent cards there. Check the vendors on the bridge in White Orchard if you miss the innkeeper.

When purchasing Gwent cards, be sure to exit the vendor's shop and re-enter. You can sometimes buy duplicate cards this way. Having multiple Decoy and Commander's Horn cards can make your life a lot easier when hunting for rare cards.

Here is a list of all the vendors you need to visit to buy each card. Get through it all once you've gained access to each major area and put together a pretty varied deck with little to no effort, just galloping around high-level threats a bit.

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  • Gastwirt, white orchard
  • Estalajadeiro, Inn at the Crossroads, Velen
  • Comerciante, Black Bass, Velen
  • Quartiermeister, Rabenbarsch, Velen
  • merchant, midcopse, many
  • Comercial, Claywich, Velen
  • Comercial, Lindendale, Velen
  • safety pin:Olivier (posadero), Kingfisher Inn, Novigrad
  • Marquise Serenity (Wirt), Passiflora, Novigrad
  • Host, The Golden Sturgeon, Novigrad
  • Tradesman, Seven Cats Inn, Novigrad
  • Posadero, Cunny der Gans, Novigrad
  • Stjepan (Wirt), Oxenfurt
  • Posadero, Puerto de Kaer Trolde, Skellige
  • Mesero, Urialla, Skellige
  • Mesero, Arinbjörn, Skellige
  • Mesonero, Svorlag, Skellige
  • Mesero, Harviken, Skellige

2. Complete Gwent quests

There are several Gwent quests where you face above-average opponents that you will be rewarded with.Gwent Cards You Can't Get Anywhere Else(although random NPCs use them in their decks). Here is the detail of each one of them.

It's possible to miss or fail these missions, or just complete them without playing Gwent, but as of patch 1.05, security items have been added to most maps that you can miss if a character becomes unavailable. All you have to do to track the specific NPC map is select the Gwent quest and follow the waypoint to the map. For example, if your actions cause the Bloody Baron to leave Velen before you receive a letter from him, you can find the letter in his house.

There is one exception: as below, depending on which DLC you have installed, you may lose Dandelion and some other maps if you don't win a tournament during the mission.A matter of life and death.

  • Gwent: Play Innkeeper

    You get this quest after the tutorial match in White Orchard. Fight Stepjan at the Alchemy Inn in Oxenfurt, the anonymous bartender at the Inn at the Crossroads, and Olivier at the Kingfisher Inn in Novigrad. Complete this quest before the side quest.Now or never, or you will lose forever.

  • Nilfgaardian noble

    It doesn't feel like a side quest, but it rewards you with a map that, unlike random opponents, can't be found anywhere else. Remember that you can always go back to the palace and beat him. You don't have to do this on your first visit.

  • Gwent: many players

    You get this quest by checking the notice board in Crow's Perch. Fight the Bloody Baron in Crow's Perch, the Wise Old Man in Beken, the Ferryman in Oreton and the prodigy Haddy in Midcopse; each of the players indicates a different one. If you don't complete this quest before completingfamily mattersWhen the Baron leaves his castle, thoroughly search his quartersReturn to the Crookback Bogto find your card and gain an advantage over the next player.

  • Gwent: City Players

    You can get this quest by playing Gwent with Vimme Vivaldi or by checking the notice boards in Novigrad. Face Vimme Vivaldi in Novigrad Bank, Marquise Serenity in Passiflora in Novigrad, Sigismund Dijkstra in Novigrad Bathhouse, and Scoia'Tael Merchant in the camp near Lucian's Windmill. Complete this quest earlyreason of stateor you risk being lost forever.

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  • gwen old friends

    Get this quest by challenging Zoltan Chivay or Vernon Roche. Fight Zoltan Chivay in Thyme and Rosemary in Novigrad after reporting to him during the processbroken flowers🇧🇷 Vernon Roche at the Temerian guerrilla camp outside Novigrad when he's not on missions like A Deadly Plan and Eye for an Eye (feel free to drop by after crossing the Pontac); Lambert at the Nowhere Inn duringpull the thread(You should tell him you'll find him at your next target, so talk to him when he leaves) or at Kaer Morhen; and Thaler duringa deadly conspiracyor later at the Seven Cats Inn. Complete this quest earlyTo Batalha de Kaer Morhenjreason of stateor you risk being lost forever.

  • Gwent: Estilo Skellige

    Obtain this quest by challenging Crach an Craite or Ermion. Fight Crach and Craite in Kaer Witches; Ermion in Kaer Witch or Gedyneith; Sjusta, the tailor (hairdresser) from the port of Kaer Trolde; Germista the Druid in Gedyneith after completing the side questPractice advanced alchemy🇧🇷 and "Loco" Lugos and Kaer Muire. Complete this quest earlybattle preparationsor lose forever.

  • A matter of life and death

    The Dandelion card, as well as some other cards depending on what DLC you have installed, can only be obtained by winning the three-game tournament, which can optionally be played during the side quest.A matter of life and death.

  • a dangerous game

    Complete this Zoltan Chivay side quest to obtain three cards that are not available anywhere else. At the end of the mission you can choose to keep the cards or take the money.keep the letters.

  • shock therapy

    Complete this quest in Gedyneith by pestering a druid to talk to receive Iorveth's letter.

  • Gwent: high stakes

    This side quest is available once you arrive in Novigrad, but you'll need 1,000 crowns to participate and a tournament-ready deck. Save them for later, as you'll need the best cards you can find; It's not easy.Reserva:This mission is easy to fail, so make backups.

3. Game winning cards

The remaining Gwent cards in Witcher 3 are earned by winning matches against opponents. Here are some things to note:

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  • You cannot lose cards.
  • You can only win one card from each opponent; After that they give you random items.
  • The card you win will be randomly chosen from the available pool.
  • You'll know if you've played against a certain opponent before if you win and don't get a card. However, there are more enemies than cards to collect. Therefore, if you are sure to play with new characters and not earn cards, then you have exhausted this collection method. Try to buy or complete missions.

There are opponents that can be found in almost every city - especially check out innkeepers, merchants, blacksmiths and gunsmiths.

That's it! It's not that difficult, is it? Just make sure you complete all of the steps and quests above and the elusive Gwent Collect 'Em All trophy will be yours.

You can also check out ourThe Witcher 3 main quest guide, as well as our hearts of stonejBlood and Wine Guide if you want to jump right into the DLC.


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