Top 15 Final Fantasy Heroes Of All Time (2023)

Top 15 Final Fantasy Heroes Of All Time (1)

Fantasia finalit's been there sincealmost 30 years. During that time, the series has introduced players to some of the greatest heroes andvillainsout there, not just in video games, but in all media. We expectfinal fantasia xvContinuing the franchise's tradition of flawed but virtuous protagonists battling their own inner demons as well as threats to global existence.

Final Fantasy's great heroes are selfless, just, and possess exceptional combat skills and an inner strength of heart. They may face insurmountable odds and may even fail their missions andlose life, but the point is that they tried, worked harder than anyone else, and refused to resist the incredible power of evil. These are the characters who made his games unforgettable, who defined heroism for fans of the series for generations and will continue to do so until the end of time. Here they areThe 15 Best Final Fantasy Heroes. While we dare not spoil the new Final Fantasy XV, beware of those not labeled.REVELATIONfor previous games in the series. You have been warned!

15. Clouds

Top 15 Final Fantasy Heroes Of All Time (2)

What, did you expect this blond, spiky dreamboat to be a little closer to the front of the pack? He has an elegant appearance, a huge sword and is the center of attention in Final Fantasy VII.greatest twist in history. Initially introduced as an icy mercenary, it is later discovered that he was suffering from a profound psychosis; he was never a first class SOLDIER he was his funny best friend Zack. However, after Zack died protecting him, Cloud essentially took over his identity, but with a much more serious tone.

Final Fantasy VII is ultimately the story of Cloud's rebirth, forming an identity for himself, cutting through his past and saving the world in the process. Despite the game's wonderfully three-dimensional portrayal of Cloud, there is one character element of him (and Barret and Tifa) that is wildly underrated:his connection to the mass-murdering environmental terrorist group AVALANCHE. Barrett pays lip service to the idea that he regrets the collateral damage of his eco-terrorist attacks, but Cloud never expresses remorse for his actions. The game itself never says how many civilians were killed in the explosions in Sector 1 and Sector 5, but Cloud and his friends are directly responsible for each of these deaths. We're definitely excited to see how the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake will handle these events, especially given the global rise in terrorism in the decades since the original's release.


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In Final Fantasy VI, King Edgar of Figaro protects his people from the wrath of the Empire by publicly siding with the evil Emperor Gestahl while secretly supporting the rebel group The Returners. However, when the villainous General Kefka attacks Figaro Castle, Edgar publicly denounces the Empire and joins the group as a playable character.

As great as his opening arc is, Edgar is on this list because he was willing to sacrifice his freedom to protect his brother Sabin, who also makes the FFVI playable roster. After the death of their father, one of the brothers had to become king. Neither wanted to take responsibility, and Sabin came up with the idea that the two should run away together and be rid of the burden of ruling a kingdom.

Ultimately, they decided that only one of the brothers could have his freedom while the other would be forced to stay and face a fate of public service. The brothers' fate would be decided by the simple flip of a coin, with the loser inheriting Figaro's throne and the winner free to seek his own fortune in the outside world. Sabin won the lottery, but luck had nothing to do with it; Edgar used a fake coin to guarantee he would lose. This selfless act of brotherly love and sacrifice makes Edgar a true hero.

13. Zell

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There's a lot of anxiety in Final Fantasy VIII, as both Irvine and Squall have crippling nervous breakdowns at various points in the story. After all, Zell is focused on just two tasks: being a hero and getting some delicious hot dogs... That's not an understatement,He really loves hot dogs.(flavored bread in the original Japanese version).

The story of Final Fantasy VIII tells an epic tale through the intimate lens of Squall and his friends. Each of them has their own conflicts and problems to deal with. All except mobile. There's no romantic subplot for Zell, and he's never slowed down by an existential crisis like the other members of the group. All he wants to do is beat the bad guys and save the world. You don't have to find a reason to be a hero; For Zell, heroism is its own reward.

12. Tidus

Does a human being exist even if it's just a dream of a greater entity? Tidus's sword is sharp and his resolve is unwavering, so, dreaming or not, Tidus changed the world of Spira in Final Fantasy X. In the opening hour of FFX, Tidus is kidnapped from his homeland of Zanarkand to a foreign land. . of Spira, where he becomes the bodyguard (or guardian) of the summoner Yuna.

Little does he know that his attempt to defeat the titanic monster Sin is nothing more than a ruse. Summoners have made a pilgrimage to Sin for hundreds of years, but all they do is sacrifice one of their guardians along with them to temporarily appease the malevolent being. Before long, the sacrificed Guardian turns to Sin and the cycle repeats.

Refusing to accept this despite (or perhaps because of) not belonging to the world of Spira, Tidus teams up with his newfound friends to find a way to break the cycle and defeat Sin for good.

11. Yuna

Top 15 Final Fantasy Heroes Of All Time (6)

Tidus may be the face of Final Fantasy X, but Yuna deserves an even higher place on the list because of her inner strength. Before her friends find a way to defy her religious mores and continue the fight against Sin without resorting to the Final Spell, Yuna is willing to sacrifice her own life to keep Sin in check, if only for a short time.

After their triumphant victory, Yuna is the one who leads Spira into a new era after defeating Sin once and for all. She deeply mourns the loss of Tidus in his quest to save the world, but that doesn't stop Final Fantasy X-2 from being a lighthearted romp through a newly released Spira, complete with varioussong and dance numbers, wacky subplots, and a plethora of trendy costumes. Yuna is a true leader; He may be in pain, but he shows courage for his people, managing to divide his time between his duties to his homeland, his personal quest for personal fulfillment, and his quest to win back his lost love.

10. Minwu

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Final Fantasy II features four guest characters who accompany Firion and his party for a short time before meeting an untimely end. Most notable among them is Minwu, who quickly became a fan favorite despite having relatively little screen time. Minwu is much more powerful than the player's party in the early stages of the game, with access to White Magic and much more impressive base stats. Finally, Minwu is forced to use every last drop of his power,give your lifeto open the door to the room where the Ultima Tome is located. With her dying breath, she tells Firion not to worry, as it is her destiny to lay down her life for her.

Even after death, Minwu continues his righteous fight against the Emperor. The Game Boy Advance remake of the game introduced the Soul of Rebirth epilogue chapter, which featured the four dead characters from the main game as the protagonists. Minwu leads his comrades into the afterlife to fight the Emperor of Heaven; After the heroes killed the Emperor in the main game, his soul was split in two and sent to Heaven and Hell. Final Fantasy II's heroes destroy the Emperor of Hell while Minwu and his allies deal with the Emperor of Heaven. Despite its ethereal namesake, this half of the Emperor's essence remains irrevocably evil.

9. Ramza

Top 15 Final Fantasy Heroes Of All Time (8)

Some heroes never get their comeuppance in the history books. In Final Fantasy Tactics, master manipulator Delita Heiral was positioned as the great heroine of the War of the Lions. Historical records hailed him as a strong soldier and noble king who rose from humble beginnings to unite Ivalice under his benevolent rule.

The story of Final Fantasy Tactics is a retelling of the Durai Papers, a lost chronicle of the war's true hero, Ramza Beoulve. The corrupt Church of Glabados executed the author Orran Durai, but the story of Ramza's battle against the Lucavi and Delita's secret history of intrigue and deceit finally saw the light of day, centuries later.

Ramza saved the world, but he was never recognized for his achievements, at least not during his lifetime. He knew that his actions would result in the immensely powerful Church coming after him, so after his great battles he hid, never to be seen again. Preventing the demonic Armageddon was its own reward, though no one discovered the truth.

8. Cain

In Final Fantasy IV, Kain is kind of a jerk to Cecil and his friends. Due to his great weakness in Pride, as well as his feelings for Rosa, Cecil's biggest grip, Golbez easily manipulates him. However, after much back-and-forth drama, Cain manages to break through the darkness and aid his allies; That's a good thing, because as Dragoon, Kain has access to some incredibly powerful attacks, including his signature Leap Attack.

At the end of Final Fantasy IV, Cecil and Rosa are married, but Cain is absent from the wedding. Instead, he takes up permanent residence in Mount Ordeals, the same place where Cecil became a paladin to try and atone for his many wrongs. It's unclear whether Cain will succeed in his pursuit, but at least he's trying.

In the sprawling sequel Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, set nearly 20 years after the end of the original game, Kain helps Ceodore, son of Cecil and Rosa. In the end, Cain earns his spurs as a Holy Dragon. After decades of repentance and surrender, Cain finally gets the salvation he sought.

7. Steiner

Top 15 Final Fantasy Heroes Of All Time (10)

Zidane may be the young protagonist of Final Fantasy IX who wants little more than a good time and a big treasure, but Steiner is the noble knight who will protect his ward, Princess Garnet, at all costs. Due to his humorless nature and old-fashioned sensibilities, Steiner is the butt of many jokes from the younger crew members, but his devotion to Garnet is unwavering.

Bottom line: Steiner will definitely defend the princess; Even if he has to save the entire world from annihilation, he will do it because he guarantees its safety. The man is good at his job. At first, Steiner's idea of ​​protection is essentially to take Garnet down, but as the game progresses and the group gets used to it, Steiner begins to see Garnet as a whole person and not just an object to be protected. costs. . He may be a complete jerk, but Adelbert Steiner is still one of Final Fantasy's bravest and most virtuous characters.

6. Bombardment

Top 15 Final Fantasy Heroes Of All Time (11)

In Final Fantasy XIII, Lightning is a type of pill. She is utterly stoic, barely managing a smile and taking a long time to open up as a relatable character to the audience. Her best scenes are those he shares with Hope, a brave girl with a growing desire for revenge. She takes him under his wing and teaches him to grow.

However, Lightning doesn't deserve a high spot on this list for her role in FFXIII; He deserves it for his role in Lightning Returns, the third and final game in the XIII trilogy. This time, Lightning takes on the role of God's champion, the savior, on a quest to free as many human souls as possible before the world is destroyed and replaced by a new one, starting the cycle of God's dominion over the world all over again. . Ultimately, however, he sees through God's deception and chooses to destroy him to ensure the gods and religion don't stop the new world. It frees humanity from religion and finally deserves its rest.

5. Vivi

Top 15 Final Fantasy Heroes Of All Time (12)

In the world of Final Fantasy IX, black wizards are not born; They were created from the mist and essentially created to be living weapons. Vivi is the central theme of the game's existentialism; by all appearances, it has no right to exist and is used only as a weapon of mass destruction. However, getting lost in the mess (literally, falling out of a cargo blimp) distracted him from this cruel fate.

Eventually, Vivi meets Zidane and joins him on his quest. Despite his lack of self-confidence, the boy gradually realizes that he is just as special as everyone else. Although he was not born like other humans and his lifespan is tragically short, he is still able to help his friends and justify his existence without being a living weapon. That said, his destructive dark magic skills make him incredibly useful to the player.

At the end of the game, Vivi is the only character not to appear, as the lifespan of a dark mage is only one year.Narrates the endgame from beyond the graveHe said he lived the good life because he had friends who helped him to defy his destiny and live the life he could choose.

4. To enter

Top 15 Final Fantasy Heroes Of All Time (13)

Final Fantasy V is often overlooked by modern fans, and that's a shame. for our moneyV is one of the strongest titles in the series., with a winning mix of apocalyptic missions, light comedy, deep gameplay and genuinely emotional moments. A character that embodies the core of FFV is Galuf. When protagonist Bartz first meets the old man, he is amnesiac but calm; a grumpy old man who gives in to his crankiness because he knows he's old enough to get away with it.

Eventually, the truth emerges that Galuf is indeed a king and, more importantly, one of the four legendary warriors of the dawn who saved the world just as Bartz and his friends are well on their way to doing it themselves. Lastly,Galuf falls in battle with the game's main villain, Exdeath.. After fighting him to a stop and surprising Exdeath with his herculean endurance, Exdeath is forced to retreat. However, the rigors of battle proved too much for Galuf and he collapsed. Upon his death, Galuf's spirit appears to his granddaughter Krile, granting her all of Galuf's powers and abilities (and EXP). Galuf reappears in the game's final fight, continuing to fight Exdeath and supporting Bartz and company. Ultimately, not even death can stop Galuf from being an absolute villain.

3. Celes

Top 15 Final Fantasy Heroes Of All Time (14)

Final Fantasy VI features a roster of fourteen playable characters, one of the largest in the entire series, and is a true ensemble piece. Though Terra features prominently in much of the artwork (and represents VI in the Dissidia spin-off series), each character plays a key role in the story. Celes is a former Imperial general who is imprisoned after opposing their unethical warfare practices and eventually siding with the Returned, the game's heroes.

After Kefka's shocking twist that destroys much of the world, the game flashes forward a year until Celes wakes up from a coma. Desperate with the state of the world and the death of her father figure, Cid, she loses all hope. (Okay, technically Cid can be saved, but it's very difficult and there's very little reward beyond personal gratification and losing one of the most daring and outrageous scenes ever created for a Super Nintendo game.) Regardless, after all hope is gone. was lost, Celes jumps off a mountainside to end her own life, but miraculously survives in the ocean below. By sheer accident, he finds Locke's diadem and deduces that he and the rest of his allies may be alive.

Just because the world was literally destroyed doesn't mean the fight against evil is over. Celes is a true hero because she reaches the limit of her strength and truly despairs, although she eventually turns her life around and leads her allies to the great final battle. It's never too late to keep fighting for a better world, and Celes embodies the heroism of someone who faces a desperate situation but tries to help.

2. Zack

Top 15 Final Fantasy Heroes Of All Time (15)

Zack plays a key role in Final Fantasy VII, although his screen time is strictly limited to off-screen flashbacks and mentions. He was Cloud's friend and mentor, a first-class SOLDIER, while Cloud himself was just a lowly soldier. However, duringthe nibelheim incident, his fate was forever changed by Sephiroth and Hojo. In the end, Zack is shot by a squad of Shinra assassins while Cloud escapes, the trauma rewriting his memories and personality into a colder, more distant version of Zack himself.

The prequel spinoff Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core develops Zack's character much more. Warm and personable, he wears his heroism on his sleeve. Unfortunately, Genesis and his ramblings about Loveless's gameplay threaten to derail the entire game, but when the spotlight turns to Zack and his carefree personality, Crisis Core shines.

Crisis Core and the original title differ in their depiction of Zack's death; In the original, only a few soldiers show up and catch Zack off guard andhe was shot downfast,Style Sonny Corleone. In Crisis Core, Zack sees the attack coming and protects Cloud from damage as he attacks aEnorme train Shinrasingle-handedly and nearly wiped them all out before succumbing to his numerous injuries.

1. Cecil

Top 15 Final Fantasy Heroes Of All Time (16)

Final Fantasy IV's main hero deserves the top spot on this list because his quest intertwines with the game in a way that was simply unheard of in 1991 and still rare today. Cecil Harvey starts the game as the Dark Knight, a class that obviously draws its power from the darkness in the character's heart.

As the game progresses, Cecil becomes disillusioned with his kingdom's increasingly militant politics, especially after he and his ally Cain are driven to destroy the peaceful village of Mysidia. Eventually, after a few hours of gameplay, Cecil completely gives up the darkness within him and changes classes to become a paladin, a knight whose power comes from the energy of holy light.

As a paladin, Cecil starts at level 1, while the rest of the party is level 15 or higher. However, Paladin Cecil possesses a willing combination of strong attack power and useful healing magic, while Dark Knight Cecil's most powerful attacks used his own hit points to bolster their destructive power. After a few levels of hard work, the Paladin proves to be far more useful than the Dark Knight class. Darkness can be seductive and easy, but the path of virtue, while more difficult at first, is infinitely more rewarding in the long run.


What do you think? Were we too hard on Cloud? Do you think Cecil is overrated? Who is your favorite Final Fantasy hero? Mute the comments!

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